Monday, February 4, 2013

Football Food- BBQ Chicken Crescent Rolls

Yes- that deliciousness happened in our house tonight.
We love football in this house. Its the one sport that hubs and I can watch together because I understand it enough to not annoy him to bits with my questions. Its not a question of what team we root for here- this gal bleeds Black and Gold. Now while they are good, they obviously don't win every year (and some years we down right crap the bed like we did this season). Usually when my beloved Steelers aren't in the big game, we still watch the Superbowl every year, and pick a team to root for. This is the first time that I don't care who was playing or who really wins. Its tough to root for the Ravens, they're a division rival- and if San Francisco wins they tie the Steelers for the most Superbowl really is a catch 22. So this year, I've decided that I'm just watching for the commercials. That didn't, however, stop me from wanting some good munchies for the game.
My mom had made shredded chicken to use in a pulled chicken dip and had some extra so she tossed it our way. I love me some leftovers, so that was fine by me, but I wanted something different to make with them.
So after searching my fridge and asking the hubs what he was in the mood for I came up with this.
So super easy, so good and they took a whopping 15 minutes.
All you need is some shredded chicken, cheese, BBQ sauce and a tube of crescent rolls.
Preheat oven according to directions on the rolls.
Put chicken in a bowl and add enough BBQ sauce to coat.
Unroll your crescents and put a good spoonful of chicken on the fat end of each roll. Top with some shredded cheese and then roll up.
I was worried that the cheese would glug out of the side of the crescent as it baked, but it didn't. Everything stayed where it was supposed to, which also made for easy clean up. Perfect for football food- so you can spend more time in front of the tv! I popped them into the hot oven for 10 minutes and they were all gone in less than 5. I may not care much about the game, but at least the food was delish!


  1. Boy that looks good but I can't eat that stuff any more. I hope you took a bite for me. :-)

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog!
    Heres another great finger food snack...

    I made mini deep dish pizzas... also super easy! Use biscuit dough cut each biscuit into thirds (makes 24) put one piece into greased mini muffin or tart pan. Push it down well. Put some cooked sausage (i used turkey) then shredded mozzarella & parmesan. Put a spoonful of sauce (any jar type will do) can sprinkle w grated parm (i didnt bother). Cook for about 15-20 mins till golden brown... OMG i put them out & they were gone in 5 minutes !!! Everyone loved them !! definitely making them again !!!

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