Saturday, February 23, 2013

Seventeen Months Old- Woah.

Grayson Boy-

You are seventeen months old today. Wow. How did that happen? I look back at pictures from a year ago and you're just this little tiny thing who didn't even crawl yet and now I cant stop you from moving.
I know I haven't done a monthly post in awhile, but I wanted to update with a few of what you are doing now.
Clothes: You are wearing 12-18 month shirts and onsies but 18-24 month pants for the length. Daddy and I have no idea where you get your height from, bubba, but we're not complaining. Your chubba wubba feet have normalised and you're in size 5.5 wide shoes right now. Youre in size 4 diapers and I think youll be there for awhile. Although recently you have been asking to go pee on the potty- and will go whenever we put you on there.  We know you're not ready to be potty trained, but I love that you are trying to figure it out on your own before we think you're ready.
Food: You love to eat, but you are picky.  Now I don't mean you'll only eat chicken nuggets for every meal, I mean you will pick what you want to eat for that meal and that is ALL you will eat.  For example you love mac n cheese, but if you decide thats not what you want to eat you will actually gag yourself so you dont have to eat it. You also will not eat the same thing for two days in a row, leftovers or fresh. You are such a stinker. You like grapes, carrots, chicken, cereal (kix, life, cheereos, and captain crunch are your favorites), bananas, apples, crackers, peanut butter, corn, potatoes (not mashed, you HATE those), rice, soup, crumbled up ground meat, pizza, broccoli, pasta and bread of any kind. You're pretty willing to try new foods as long as they are on your terms, and if Mommy is eating something you simply must try it and usually claim my plate as yours. You also drink like a fish. I have never seen a baby who drinks water like you do.
You're full of personality and recently have picked up several tricks.  You have an evil laugh that you do whenever you know youre being naughty, and it cracks us all up.  You hide your toys under your leg and tell us all gone, just like Daddy does when he plays with you. Putting your hands behind your back or in your pockets is a new trick, and you make us laugh with your silly walk shows. You love to chase the dogs with your toys and enjoy it when you can scare them into running out of the room. 
Current favorite toys are your ball pit, your ball popper on a stick, books of any kind, and cars cars cars. You are also currently obsessed with the Ipad and can work it better than I can. You're starting to really like Caillou on TV, and love hockey and football just like your Daddy.
You went to the dentist for the second time this month and she said your teeth look amazing.  Youre getting your canines now, then we should have a 2-3 month break before your last molars come in.  She predicts you will have all of your teeth within 4 months.  Mommy really hopes you get your teeth from Daddy and not her, because he's definitely got the better chompers in the family.
This month you also sent Nana to the ER when you poked her in the eye on accident and scratched her cornea.  She had to wear an eye patch for awhile and you thought that was pretty darn funny. She said it hurt really bad, but kisses and snuggles from you make it better. Especially when you blow kisses to her from across the room and then run like mad to give her a big wet real kiss on the face. You're full of love and light,  stinky pickle, and everyone around you sees it.
Every day it feels like you do something new and exciting, that prompts someone to say "When did he start doing that?" Its amazing how smart you are and how much you jibber to us daily. You make our lives better every single day, and we couldn't be more proud of you. Daddy and I say every day how lucky we are to have you and that includes when you're naughty.

(you'll totally kill me for this picture someday, but I crack up whenever I see it- so, sorry kid!)
Love you baby boy, always, forever and even after that.

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