Monday, February 11, 2013

Tips and Tricks- Getting Rid of the Bathroom Nasties.

Okay, first rule- no judging. Agree?  Okay, read on.
I clean my bathroom fairly religiously, because I'm always leery of Grayson playing in the tub and it being full of germs. However, the one area that I could never get clean no matter how hard I scrubbed is the grout joint between the tub and the tile. The hubs says its because water got behind the tiles and they need replaced.  Now one would think with a husband who does that for a living that it would happen quickly...but since we only have one bathroom in the house it makes it a little tough to give up our only tub for 3-5 days for a remodel.
So here it is- the nasty bathroom issue in all its embarrassing glory. (Remember- I said no judgies!)
Now the best part- I figured out how to fix it.
All you need is a bag of the cotton used for perms (you know, the cotton rope), rubber gloves and some Clorox Bleach.
I took the cotton rope and plunked it into a Solo cup full of bleach and allowed it to get nice and sopping wet. Then, wearing rubber gloves, I took it out of the bleach and smushed the sopping cotton into the grout joint. Really push it so its right up against the grout. Then you can pour the extra bleach over the cotton to re-saturate it.
I let it set for about 5 hours, but you can leave it on there as long as you need.
When I pulled it off it looked like this-
No more bathroom nasties!!
(But there is some lovely tub crayon artwork courtesy of the Grayson-Boy!)
It really works, and for the $1.59 it cost me for the cotton I believe it was well worth it. I'm not embarrassed to have people shower in my bathroom anymore! Woo hoo!


  1. This surely beats using an old toothbrush dipped in bleach - many thanks. I'm all for easy. :)

  2. That is a good idea! We have that same problem in our home (we rent, however, so we can't replace the tub without going through the landlord, etc.) To get ours clean and keep it clean, I use half vinegar and half water in a spray bottle. Not only do I use that solution on the tub, I use it in the whole bathroom. It works wonders, it is safe, and I save money not buying cleaning products!

  3. I'm just wondering if you have the rubbery silicon caulking that gets all gross like that, or is it the tile grout? We have the silicon caulking, that we've scraped out and replaced a few times already that keeps getting like that. Tried everything. Now I'll seek out the cotton string stuff and try it! What a fabulous idea! I don't like the bleach, but EVERYTHING else has failed me.

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