Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finally took the kid to Idlewild!

Western Pennsylvania is kind of unique as we do have some pretty awesome amusement parks within 30 minutes of us- Kennywood and Idlewild.  I've spent many a summer day at both, and last Tuesday we packed up the kid and took him for his first taste of amusement park fun.

Storybook Forest is a trip through all of the nursery rhymes and fairy tales we heard as kids, so of course that's where we headed first.

Such a creeper. 

He didnt want so share the big chair with Mommy and Daddy. 
In the crooked house

The lady on the good ship lollypop gave him his first sucker- he was in love.

No such luck, hubs.

Riding the train over to Raccoon Lagoon

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood

Mesmerized. The whole trolly ride.

Watching the Thomas and Friends show

Idlewild also has a ginormous pool complex complete with slides, a wave pool and a pirate ship. It is awesome. Unfortunately this day it was also only about 75 and overcast, so my bum was not getting in that water.

Such a good Daddy. 

I'd say he had a blast.
Can't wait to go back when he can enjoy a few more rides and really get to use the pool. Otherwise, it was a pretty awesome day and a nice check off the summer bucket list!

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