Friday, June 28, 2013

"They say the first sixty years are the hardest"

Last week the hub's grandparents celebrated a huge milestone. Married sixty years. It also happened to fall close to his Grandma's 80th birthday, so we combined the events, people bought some plane tickets and we all came together to celebrate these awesome things.
In todays world where marriages last months, days and sometimes even hours (a la Brittney Spears) and sometimes the divorce battle takes longer than the actual marriage (ahem, Kimmy K) its crazy wonderful that these two people have made it sixty years. As we gathered our things to leave, Patrick's Grandma said to us "You know, I hear the first sixty are the hardest. It's all downhill from there!" Well, that's where the husband gets his smart aleck attitude, right there ladies and gents!
The almost whole K crew! We were missing a few people.

The original seven.

Generation 2.0 - minus one :)

Generation 3.0- minus two :)
Congrats Gong and Pap! Hopefully Patrick and I can make it 60 years and have a loving a family as you...only we will not be having seven children. I don't think this Mama is cut out for that stuff!!


  1. This is really wonderful, My congratulations and best Wishes


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