Monday, June 10, 2013

Grilled Rosemary Chicken Skewers

Its grilling season!
If your husband is anything like mine (and you live in a house without AC like we do), you cook everything you can on the grill in the summer months. I've learned how to do just about every inside oven meal on the grill, but this was a new one for me.  While I was browsing the aisles at the grocery store, without the tiny human, so of course I was taking my good sweet time- I saw these super long skewers of rosemary. I love rosemary on chicken, so I decided that I would attempt to make chicken ka-bobs out of them. If I failed, I would pretend that was never the plan and call it a day. I'm a woman who likes to hide the kitchen fails. This however did not fail at all.
All I did was cube up two chicken breasts, and put in on the skewers with some onion and garlic. I thought at first there was no way the stuff would go over the stem. But they were really woody and it was super easy to stick the stuff on the skewer.
After everything was skewered on, I spread some canola oil on the chicken so it wouldn't stick to the grill. To season the chicken, I tossed on some Montreal Steak Seasoning. If you've never used it, its basically salt, pepper and garlic all in one shaker. Pure genius and delicious to boot.
To go with, I made some quick rosemary roasted potatoes. Rachael Ray says if you cook with an herb, you should carry the flavors throughout the meal- which is why they also got a dose of rosemary and Montreal steak. I took petite red potatoes and cut them up, tossed them in the oil and seasonings. If I had more time (meaning I didn't start dinner until 5:40) I could have left the potatoes whole, but I cut them into quarters to speed the cooking time.
 Before the chicken went on the grill, the potatoes went into a preheated 450 degree oven to cook for 30 minutes.


It ends up being a really pretty meal- one that you can totally entertain with because it takes no time but looks impressive. The chicken literally pulls right off of the rosemary and the flavor stays in. Pair it with some potatoes and some corn on the cob and you have a super easy summer meal.


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