Monday, June 24, 2013

Let the Summer Fun Commence!

Its been a crazy end of the school year- I had one of the best years ever with some of my absolute favorite kids I've ever had the pleasure to teach- but it is summer time!
It's not their fault, once the weather gets nice they pretty much just start checking out on us, and I cant really get them to get excited about things like weather forecasting, tornadoes, earthquakes and cells when there are pools to swim in, sun tans to achieve and outside things going on that are way more fun. Truth be told, I'd rather be outside too- but trying to explain to freshmen that they need to focus for a few more weeks is like explaining to my toddler why he needs to try peas at dinner. Its a lost cause come June 1st.  I'm super excited that next year I get to teach some biology, meaning I can get some of my freshmen back as sophomores. It's fun to see which ones the maturity fairy visits over the summer and to watch them grow.
I did a summer bucket list last year and had a blast checking things off with Grayson and hubs.  This year, I've amped it up seeing as how he's now a man-child who can participate in so much more.
Here goes-
Idelwild Park
PNC Park Water Steps
Ducky Tour
Kennywood Park
Beach Trip
Splash Pad
Pool Date
Walk the Montour Trail
Catch Lightning Bugs
Play in the Sandbox
Water Fight with Daddy
Round Hill Park
Blue Slide Playground at Frick Park
Soergels Orchard
Triple B Farms
Street Fair
International Village
Phipps Conservatory
Go to a Pirate Game
Play Dates
Sarris' Ice Cream Parlor
Feed the Ducks
Go Fishing
Catch Lightning Bugs
Steelers Training Camp
Story time at the Library
Carnegie Science Center
The Children's Museum
Gus and YaYa's
Picnic in the park
Pittsburgh Zoo
Take pictures while playing in the rain
Family Pictures
Go visit Aunt Sammie
Take a day trip
Make a big mess
Complete as many Pinterest projects as possible!

What's on your list for summer fun? Let me know if I forgot something!!


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  1. We will tag along on any and all of these- water steps at the top of our list though!! you dont have cranberry water park on here. a MUSTTTTT


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