Monday, June 24, 2013

Ten Things I Live For: 52 Weeks of Blogging With A Purpose

I saw this linkup from Becky the other day and I decided I needed to try it- 52 weeks to blog with a purpose. Of course I'm one week late to the party, but you all wont hold that against me, right?

Today's topic is ten things you live for/can't live without.
1. My family.  These two boys right here are my world. They are my reason for waking up each day and trying to be better. Life wouldn't be the same without them, that's for sure.
2. Summer Days. Ahhh. I love summer. Its warm, so I don't hate getting out of bed. The sun makes me want to go outside and run and play...or at least float lazily in a pool. In the winter I can not stand waking up, because the idea of coming out from under my nice warm covers is too much to bear at five am. But in the summer, I cant wait to get up to see what our days will bring us. Summer means adventures and fun, playdates and craft projects galore. Trips to the beach, picnics in the park, playtime in the water- its all summer and its all amazing. Plus, I get to spend my days with a certain tiny human and that just makes them even better.
3. My job.  I love, love, love what I do for a living. I am a teacher.  I get super excited to see the kids come in at the beginning of the year and to watch them grow and change and mature is just the coolest thing ever.  Teenagers will act different in front of teachers rather than a parent. I'm not there to judge them or expect anything from them but to be themselves, so they feel more at ease being who they want to be. Now sometimes that's good and sometimes it isn't, but they have choices and they get to make them.  I've helped students get through some pretty tough things, because they felt they could trust me and open up and that's an awesome feeling.  I often joke I will die in my classroom, but what I mean is I will never leave that job.  Until Im too old to function or have enough cash to travel the world, you'll find me in room 207. The only science room with carpeting. Ugh.
4. Baby giggles. I love nothing more than to hear that kid laugh.  It kills me. If he ever wants to get out of trouble, all he has to do is learn how to belly laugh on cue.

5. Traveling. I love to explore new places, and if those places have an ocean that makes them even better.  I'm a vacation dare devil. I try new things on vacation because the fear of missing out on them gets to me.  Snorkeling in an underground cave at home? Heck to the no. But in Mexico? Where's the flippers?  Trying curried goat at a local restaurant? Absolutely not, in fact, Ill pick a different place to eat. But in Jamaica? Sure! Put in on my plate!  I think I get this crazy rush because I'm afraid I might not make it back to these places, so I don't want to miss out on anything.  I can't wait to take my baby boy places and let him experience things as well, I think he's going to have the same adventurous spirit...or he'll learn to have it, at least.
6. Watching Grayson experience new things.  If I clean my house and the husband makes a mess, I could kill him. But, if I scrub the floors and then Grayson messes them up with finger paint/colored rice/chalk I'm okay with it. Why? Because I love watching him play and learn and grow.  Sometimes the most simple and mundane things, writing the grocery list on the chalkboard wall- are completely awesome to a 21 month old. Seeing him get uber excited about scribbling with chalk on the wall brings life into a new perspective, and I love it.
7. My pillow. I couldn't live without it, and I don't usually share it. I have been known to let Grayson nap on it, or lay on it with me but that's only because he's so cute. The hubs always tries to steal my pillow, but he never gets away with it. I've taken it off of him in my sleep before without even realizing it. I just can't sleep without that thing.
8. Making Memories and Following Traditions.  I love that when I look back at beach vacations I can think of places we always went. I love that when I remember holidays there are certain specific things that I remember happening year after year. I want Grayson to have the same experiences. Which is why every year the Elves will deliver Christmas PJs and a book, and the Bunny will leave his footprints. We will visit family and eat traditional foods because I want Grayson to grow up with great memories and great fun. Then I want him to do the same things with his kids someday, you know if I ever let him grow up and get married.
9. Iced tea. I love iced tea. If its sweet, that's even better. I don't do coffee, so I need to get the buzz from somewhere. If its an event where iced tea wont cut it, then I go straight for the red can of Coca Cola. That always does the trick. Could I live without Iced Tea and Coke? Yes, but it would be a sad day in my world.
10. Crafting and creating.  I can't draw to save my soul (seriously, ask my students- they will tell me to stop drawing and google it) but I love to create things. Sewing, painting, designing,
decorating- its my outlet.  If I'm in a funk, I'll make a new wreath for the front door. It always cheers me up to whip out the glue gun. I also love to write this blog, it's a different form of creating that no one can tell me I'm doing wrong. I DIY-ed most of our wedding and Grayson's baby shower/baptism/first birthday with a little help from blog friends and Pinterest. My mind just runs, but sometimes its frustrating that my hands cant execute what my mind wants. But I guess that's why we have Etsy. If I can't make it, I'll find someone who can!
So tell me lovelies, what do you live for/can't live without? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love that you love your job! Not everyone (including me) can say that. Even better that you are a teacher. I pray my children never experience a teacher who does not love their job.

  2. I'm the same way about summer. So much easier to get things done and get out of bed!

  3. I'm a teacher too! I teach second grade and, like you, LOVE meeting them at the beginning of the year and watching them grow and learn :) Such a rewarding feeling!
    I also love me some iced tea! I'm from the South, so I gotta have my sweet tea.


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