Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday!

This week I woke up on Wednesday thinking it was Thursday for a good chunk of my day- so that put a serious damper on my week. That along with getting ready for the birthdays of both of my boys (the hubs and the man-child) makes for my lack of appearance here on my little slice of blog land.
But its finally Friday, seriously, I double checked this one this time so its really true. Friday means its time to link up with Five on Friday!



The hubs has been having some blood pressure issues- like 160/110 constant blood pressure- as of late. We've always known he had high blood pressure but when he went for his annual check up and got an EKG slapped on his chest it kind of put a new sense of fear. He also had an echocardiogram and has a follow up with a cardiologist in two weeks. Did he want to go? No. However, I'm not really giving him an option. His argument is that he's been this way for a year, so he's not in any real danger. Pish. He's in danger of me kicking his butt all the way to the hospital for his follow up for sure.  Any good thoughts and positive vibes will be greatly appreciated as I try to convince him that you can't eat bacon even if you "blot off the grease first".


I have NO idea why this pin I saw on Pinterest made me nearly pee my pants, but it did.
Its sad how much I laughed at this
I've finally come to terms with summer being over. It sucks, but its true. On the upside fall is pretty awesome with pumpkins, crisp leaves, cozy sweaters, football season and chilly nights.  I just hope that the weather holds out a bit longer so that we can attend a few football games before it gets cold.  I love football but the days of this girl freezing her buns off are long over. I'm an old lady now, Ill take my couch and a snuggie please and thank you.

 I'm in the mood to demo something. I'm thinking our bathroom. I want it to look like this when I'm done. Dark floors, white and mint green paint, and a dark vanity.  Hubs is ALMOST on board- he just doesn't want to take on a project right now. I think I may just start ripping out tile so he has no choice because I really love this bathroom.
aqua room decor | An aqua and brown color scheme can work nicely in a particular room ...

Recently Grayson has discovered a new love for watching you tube videos of Thomas the Tank Engine crashing. Seriously, people make these elaborate scenes then video tape the train crashing and post it to you tube. I'd like to thank my step dad for teaching him this crap exists, as now I am constantly asked if he can was "Crash?" on my phone.  I think its super cute how much he loves Thomas but I would be lying if I said I didn't want him to move onto another favorite. As long as its not Calliou.  ANYTHING but Calliou.

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