Monday, September 2, 2013

What Being A Mom Looks Like- 52 Weeks of Blogging with A Purpose.

Linking up with Becky this week to discuss what being a mom looks like.
If someone would ask me years ago what being a mom looked like, I would have thought that it meant having a cute kid dressed nice and carrying a diaper bag. Oh how naïve I was in my youth.

Now I know that being a mom looks like the crazy person dancing and singing in line at the grocery store to keep the child entertained in the buggy while they wait.

Being a Mom means finding myself rock back and forth, even when I'm not consoling a cranky baby/toddler. Its a slow back and forth motion that happens whenever you stand still, especially during those first few months. Its the Mom Sway- and its way cooler than any swag you may have.

Being a Mom means pretending to love bugs (dead or alive) put into your hand. He is not yet two and has nothing to really give, but he chose to give the bug he just found and thinks is the coolest thing on Earth to me. So I must celebrate and realize the love that comes with the creepy, crawly gesture. Then it means sanitizing the heck out of both of you while smothering those cheeks with mooches.

Being a Mom means waking up 30 minutes early just to ensure you can shower alone and without interruption. Otherwise you must make the decision of what is more important to do at that moment and sometimes a shower doesn't make the cut.

Being a Mom means rocking the Mom-Bun more days than not, because playing and getting little man ready outweighs blow drying, straightening and styling my own hair.

Being a Mom means my child having more clothes than he can possibly wear, but me not being able to remember when I last bought myself something new. His clothes are simply much more fun to buy and since all summer I pretty much wear yoga pants, it was a good compromise.

Being a Mom means waking up with little feet in your face/back because someone snuck out of his bed in the middle of the night and came to snuggle with you. It also means that you snuggle them close and inhale their sweet scent, because someday they wont need you to snuggle them.

Being a Mom means doing the job of 5 people- cook, chauffer, maid, teacher and entertainer. It means that you also get told by people who don't have children that while you work all of these jobs,  that you're not actually busy at all.  Lets not forget if you are a Mom who works outside the home you get to add that job to the pile too.

Being a Mom means you have gone to that work outside the home job with diapers in your purse, spit up on your shoulder, shoes that don't match, toys in the backseat of your car and/or bags under your eyes. Hopefully you have another Mom friend at work who can gently break it to you that you in fact wore two different shoes or will use a baby wipe to remove the stain.

Being a Mom is learning to have your heart live outside your body in the body of a little person. Its thrilling and scary and wonderful, and comes with way too many heart attacks for my liking. But knowing this, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Caitlin Thomas Photography
(This time he brought me a rock- yay for things that don't move!)

Being a Mom looks like work, but its the best job in the world!



  1. Oh my, this is so sweet! I found you from the link up and I'm so glad I did. :)

  2. Awesome list! I am ALWAYS that crazy person singing and dancing in the store. Visiting from the linkup! :)


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