Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nine Questions Answered

A few days ago I was reading one of my fave reads- I Love You More Than Carrots. Seriously if you haven't had the joy of reading AP, then you must check her out.  Anywho, she posted nine questions to answer for anyone who wanted to, so Im taking her up on the challenge.
1. What is in your car's glove box?
Diapers and wipes (you only need to get caught without them ONCE and you never will again!!), a Swiffer duster from my stepdad (that never gets used), and the car manuals.
2. You just got a mani/pedi. Do the colors have to match?
Yes. Its also usually a color that you cant tell when it chips.
3. If someone walking down the street in front of you had their underwear showing, would you tell them?
Yes, I believe in karma. If my underpants were showing, I would want someone to tell me. Kindly, of course. I teach teenagers and you cant live that ish down.
4. What is the name of the very first CD you purchased?
Salt N Peppa. Oh yes.
5. Finish this ridiculously overused saying..."Keep Calm and..."
Keep Calm
Make it to
Christmas Break.
6. Have you ever covered your hands in Elmer's glue, stuck them together, waited for them to dry then peeled off your "skin"?
Yes. They also make awesome Halloween decorations.
7. Charles in Charge or Doogie Houser?
DOOGIE! I love me some Neil Patrick Harris.  I mean come on, he was a 16 year old genius and now he's Barney. He's awesome.
8. What is one thing you never wore/done/ate but you would like to?
Honestly, veggies. I don't like them but I wish I did- so much easier to watch what you're eating when its a salad.  I also wouldn't mind having a bit of a different style, its kind of a cardigan party in my closet.
9. If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be?
Better Together by Jack Johnson. Hubs and I danced to it at our wedding and I used to sing it to Grayson waiting for him to fall asleep.
Have some fun and answer the questions yourself!

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