Monday, October 7, 2013

52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose: What Marriage Means to Me

Linking up with Becky to talk all things marriage today.
How do you even begin to talk about what marriage means to you- it really means a different thing to so many people.

To me, marriage means three basic things.
1. Spending each day with your best friend.  When you are married, its a lifetime commitment. It means you have someone to talk with, share with, commiserate with, laugh with, and grow old with.  It means always having someone in your corner, and being in someone's corner- even if you don't agree with them.  You don't have to necessarily agree with every decision and feeling your partner has, but you realize that even if you don't agree you're still there for them when they need you.
2. Work.  Marriage is work. Its very easy in the hustle and bustle of life and kids and work to overlook and forget about each other. You cant let that happen. You have to constantly work at your marriage to make it stronger and keep it going. This means spending time together, going on dates, putting the other person first- even when other things get in the way. Its a sacrifice that you do for each other.  The days you want to rip your hair out and scream because you simply cant take one.more.pair.of.dirty.socks.on.the.bathroom.floor- it means taking a deep breath and putting the socks in the hamper. Its no longer just about you, its about the two of you. Every single marriage expert out there will agree, a good marriage takes work. The people who say it doesn't, well they're crazy.
3. Laughter. You have to have fun with your husband. You're in this for the long haul, for-ev-er. You simply can not go through life not having fun and laughing.  Will you laugh every single day of your life? No, there will be days where you will not be in the mood for laughing. That's okay, as long as they are just days. When the days stretch into weeks and months, then that's a problem. Even on the days when I'm ready to kill the hubs for always piling his crap on the kitchen table, or leaving all of his work stuff on our front porch, or forgetting things that I have told him repeatedly, or the aforementioned socks on the floor- all it takes is for him to look at me with his big blue eyes and say something silly and I'm dissolved in laughter. We have fun together in whatever we are doing, and we laugh a lot. Its those moments that I know we can make it until forever...because those moments overcome the squabbles and strife.
So if you're reading this, I love you hubs, you're stuck with me forever.
Now, please learn to pick up your dirty socks so I don't have to beat you with them in the laundry bag.

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  1. I once took a picture of my husband's socks. They were 2 inches away from a laundry basket. 2 inches! Of course, he almost always bears the responsibility of removing my hair from the I am thinking the irritation over the socks has got to be less than the awfulnesss of hair drain removal.


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