Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rubber Ducky, You're the One!

A 40-foot rubber duck, the creation of a Dutch artist named Florentijn Hofman, spent a few weeks floating in the river just off of Point State Park. He has traveled all over the world, and decided to make his US debut in Pittsburgh. The Cultural Trust originally thought this guy would get 200 visitors a day, but with a draw like a ginormous rubber duck- this guy got well over a million visitors during his three weeks in the 'Burgh.   What can I say, I guess people are just enamored with Ernie's bff. 
On the Duck's last Sunday in the city I finally had a chance to take Grayson down to see him. I couldn't let my kid be the only one who didn't have his picture taken in front of the Duck, and for that reason alone I paid $20 to park on Steelers game day for that crucial photo.  (Truth, I could have parked farther away for a cheaper price but I was not walking 10 blocks with a toddler in the chilly weather in traffic. It was all about convenience.)
But my kid, oh he didn't disappoint.  Just check out that face when he finally realized that his favorite bath toy was now roughly the size of his house.
In reality, he is pretty cute.

I couldn't get a picture with him in front of the duck, because goober kept turning around to point at the duck. I really need to teach this kid about a photo op moment.

It really is moments like this when I get to do something silly with my kid that melts my heart the most. Like when he waved bye bye to the duck and blew him kisses? I was the puddle of Mommy pushing the stroller. In my opinion that moment alone was worth my twenty bucks.


  1. Wow he sure is getting big and so cute

  2. I only learned about the duck last weekend. I have a small collection of rubber ducks, does 2 or maybe 3 if I knew where it was even count as a collection? Point being I'm 30 years old, well 31 now, and we decided I had to go visit the duck. We tried on Saturday but the traffic after we left Robinson Mall was a little heavy so we changed plans & went and got Krispy Kreme(there isn't one near us in Ohio & we had to go get a pumpkin doughnut or 2) doughnuts in Washington, PA instead knowing we'd go back to see the duck on his final day. We finally made it to the duck on Sunday after paying a $15 parking fee in a garage. Crazy the amount of people that were there! Maybe we even crossed paths, who knows?! Grayson is so adorable and at least he got to see the giant sized bath toy. Whether or not he'll actually remember it at least there are some pictures that he was there and he'll always have mommy to be able to tell him stories especially how he waved bye bye and blew kisses. {melt your heart worthy indeed!}


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