Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday!

Linking up with Darci, April, Christina, and Natasha for a little Five on Friday!
 1) You know that moment when the man child throws your iPhone into the bath because he wants the phone to see the bubbles? That's the moment you silently thank your husband for making you buy the Lifeproof case even when you really wanted the cute one from Coach instead.  Because had that thing been ruined I would have probably cried right there in the bathroom.
2) I'm totally obsessed with a nail polish from OPI called Princesses Rule. Its a pale pink with sparkles that when it chips, you cant really tell. Oh yeah, its also called Princesses Rule. Duh, no brainer there.
Trying to convince the hubs that it is this sole color alone that makes me need a mani/pedi every two weeks. Think he's going to fall for it?
3) We're currently attempting to design/frame in a first floor bathroom. True statement, I live in a house of six bedrooms and one bath. We need a first floor bath before potty training hits, and I want it before Christmas when the next round of houseguests arrive. While we haven't started the actual building portion I have designed the space and I know I want it to be gray and yellow. The problem? Finding tile that I like for under $20 a square foot. Seriously tile, why are you so hard to find for a reasonable price? Its a small shower that we wont use every day, so I hate to whip out the big bucks for it.
4) I'm all things Halloween right now, and I'm on the hunt for long sleeved yellow t-shirts to complete mine and Grayson's costumes.  Each year we attend a Halloween party and since his birth have always had a family themed costume. Last year we were a Princess, a Knight and a Dragon. This year, our costumes are a little more animated.  Need a hint? They say banana a lot.
5) ITS FINALLY FRIDAYYYY! I love my job as much as the next guy (and in reality probably more) but I am oh so ready for the weekend to be here.  Mainly because I had minor surgery on my leg after work on Wednesday and I am so looking forward to Saturday when I can just rest instead of racing around my classroom checking to see if my kids get where the D-P Bonds are in DNA. *Nerd Alert!*.  At least at home I can sit on my couch and have the toddler destroy the house around me. He should think its a blast. 
Happy Weekend, Lovelies!

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