Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

I wanted to wait for a nice fall day to go to the Pumpkin Patch, one where it wasn't too cold to go out but one that still felt like fall.  Well thank you October weather in Pittsburgh, it was near 80 last weekend as we made our annual visit to the patch.
The shirt I had so lovingly purchased/had monogramed for the occasion was long sleeved. So lucky for us Nana had found this shirt the week before that she had purchased way back last year. Because you cant go to the patch without a Halloween themed shirt, right?

annnd he's off. We spent literally 30 minutes chasing him through the pumpkins. The kid was a man on a mission. 

 No Aunt Maureen, it needs to be THIS big!

He found his 32 pound pumpkin. Then wouldnt look up for a picture.

The farm had first time ever pick your own apples, knocking three things off of our fall bucket list when you add in the hayride we took to get to the patch!
PS- Fresh picked apples are AMAZEBALLS. 

He ate three of them before we even left.
We've gone to the same pumpkin patch since Grayson was born, and its crazy to see the changes that have occurred in just two years.
three weeks old.

Where did my itty bitty baby go?!
Do you guys have a pumpkin picking tradition?

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  1. Bethany you have such a great family and your son is adorable! I always enjoy reading your blog as you have such positive energy and a great sense of humor while you journey through parenthood and life! My sons are in their 20's now and we used to visit the pumpkin patch every year - special memories! Thanks for sharing your fun world!


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