Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas this year was officially fun.  We saw Ho Ho (that's the big guy's name around here), we were excited, we opened presents and now I can not seem to find my house under the virtual toys r us we have going on around here. Seriously, as he opened presents I stuck most of them right into the closet for a cold bored day in February- and I still have no room.  Today is officially build a toy storage system day around these parts- hope the hubs is ready, because I can not go back to work with the house looking like this.
Christmas around here is usually a marathon, and not a sprint. We spend Christmas Eve with my MIL's family, then wake up Christmas morning at our house, then hit my Moms, then my Dads, then My Grandmas, followed by my FIL's family.  This year, we broke it up a bit to allow more time at each house and it was glorious.
Christmas Eve Day we went to see my Dad and my Grandma, and it was so much nicer being able to spend a few hours playing (rather than 1 hour tops!).
This picture makes me so happy, Grandma does NOT like her picture being taken so you usually get the hand.

Later on we headed over to see the MIL's family, and the Elves delivered our early present there. 

Yep, just toss those perfectly chosen personalized jammies to the side to get to the book. I see how it is, kid.

Then it was home to set out cookies and milk for Ho Ho.

Trying out the adorable Pumpkin Butter Kids Jams after our Christmas bath (complete with red water and baking soda "snow balls" for the water, because I am insane).

A reading of the Night Before Christmas.

I would like to point out that we took maybe 20 pictures while I was reading, most of them were of Grayson using Mommy as a jungle gym. Grayson climbing over my back, standing on my butt and falling over, running around like a crazy person, jumping back on Mommy was the reality.  
But when it was time to read a book with Pap? Laid perfectly still.

Once the bean was asleep, it was time to play Santa!

Ho Ho footprints :)

All ready and waiting for Grayson to wake up!
Taking his first look at the presents.

Coming down the stairs saying "Ho Ho!"

A little Mommy bedhead as we open stockings.

Realizing Ho Ho had eaten the cookies and milk and left footprints.

Now, let me at those toys!
Daddy Mooches.

Grandma Gong has a whole table devoted to choo choos. He was enamored.

Seriously, he barely left this chair all night. And Pap in the back there was more than happy to play conductor, making the trains go fast at every request. 

Merry Christmas, lovelies! Hope your day was as full of fun as ours! Now seriously, who's coming to help me figure out where to put all of these toys?!

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