Monday, December 9, 2013

More is always better at Christmas (and Cottonelle Cash Giveaway!)!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle.
It goes without saying that at Christmastime around here, more is always better. For example,  the 11 foot Christmas tree we carted home, even though our ceilings are only 10 feet tall. Need more proof, how about the 4,000 white lights we then crammed onto the tree?  Still not convinced, how about the roughly 10,000 lights that adorn our front porch and dance and sing to music? Christmas cheer in excess is never a bad thing around here.
We bake cookies, decorate the house, put up three trees, leave neighbor gifts on the porches of our favorites, have breakfast with Santa, drive to see Christmas lights and spend time searching for the perfect presents for everyone. Last year I may have even pretended to be a reindeer with a few colleagues and pranced in front of the entire student body while pulling a principal dressed as Santa singing our own version of the twelve days of Christmas.  
When people see our house and tree they always ask if I know I married Clark Griswold. I am aware, and I may even encourage him from time to time, because Christmas is just so magical and a little more Christmas never hurt anyone.
As he was pulling the tree up the hill and was slipping, he was reciting this line from Christmas Vacation- I kid you not.
Yep, he's Clark alright.
But the one thing I would LOVE to have 25% more of this holiday season? Time. Each day I make my to do list and there is always something I just do not get to. This weekend I had it on the list to decorate the tree, the house, bake cookies and get our Christmas cards made and addressed. Well of course we got the tree up and the lights and ornaments on, only for the 300 count strand in the MIDDLE OF THE TREE to go out. There went three hours of my life, un-decorating, heading off to buy a new strand of lights and then re-decorating the tree that I had already spent four hours decorating. (I told you, the thing is a beast.)
Even if I didn't need the 25% more time to get things checked off of my to-do list, I would love to have more time to just hang out with the crazy toddler and just enjoy him enjoying life. He's a pretty awesome tiny human, and amidst the crazy of things that need to get done I don't get to enjoy that enough. 
No matter what you wish for more of this holiday season, its easy to see that 25% more of anything can make a big impact. More is always better. More time, more money, more love- its a win win.
You know what else is a win-win? Cottonelle!
When I say I want more time around the holidays it makes sense that I don't have time to be running out to the store every few days to stock up on essentials- like t.p.  Cottonelle Clean Care makes it easy by having 25% more sheets per roll than the competition- meaning it will last longer and keep everyone in the house happier.  The toddler loves to pull some off of the roll and pretend to blow his nose in it, just so he can toss it in the potty and flush it down (which is apparently thrilling when you are two).  I don't need to worry, because with 25% more I know that there is always enough on the roll to last through a few fake sneezes.

Another awesome thing about Cottonelle? They are working with some awesome bloggers and  giving away some serious cash this holiday! One winner (from all 30 giveaways) will be selected daily to receive a $500 American Express gift card for themselves AND for a charity of their choosing!!! The giveaway will be open Monday December 9th  and end Friday December 20th. All winners will be announced daily on the SITS Girls facebook page.  You can also follow the conversation on twitter #Moreisbetter!

So what are you waiting for- enter today and tell me in the comments, what would you like 25% more of this holiday season?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle.


  1. I would like some daylight hours--I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. I don't know how I would feel if I didn't have Christmas lights to light the way home for me.

  2. I'd love 25% more colder weather! It has been so hot here in the south that it hasn't felt at all like Christmas yet


  3. money!! i lost my job almost 2 months ago and haven't been able to find work, and also haven't been granted unemployment. it's embarrassing to say, but at this very moment i literally do not have enough money to buy toilet paper and i've only got one roll left. needless to say... this would help.

  4. 25% more money! Not for gifts or myself but so my son can graduate college debt free!

  5. 25% more time! With thanksgiving being later this year, it seems like Christmas is here and I had no time to prepare.


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