Wednesday, December 11, 2013

That is one big tree!

This may be the biggest tree we have ever purchased.
An easy 10 feet tall with a circumference at the bottom of a whopping 22 feet, I give you the 2014 K Family Christmas Tree.  Or as it is affectionately called around here, Shamu 4.0.
We always get a big tree, but this guy is by far our biggest.
He also has about 1400 lights on him, which give off the prettiest glow in the foyer.
Not only is this our biggest tree, but it is also by far the most annoying. We had to re-string the lights three times (first there was not enough lights, then we bought more and one burned out so we had to replace it because of course it was the one in the middle) and the branches are incredibly soft and don't really hold onto ornaments all that well. But he sure does look nice!

Why yes, that is a drunk Irishman dancer nestled next to Dorothy's Ruby Slipper.
That's how we roll in this house :)
2010, 2011, 2012
They just keep getting bigger!
So tell me lovelies, how big is your tree? I need someone out there to let me know we're not the only Christmas Crazies!

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