Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Toddler Gift Guide

A few people have emailed asking me what is on the Toddler's wish list this year for Santa. So I figured since I'm sick in bed with a horrible cold I can whip up a little gift guide for all of the 2-3 year olds out there.  I've been asking Grayson for awhile now what he wants Santa to bring him, going through toy catalogs when they come in the mail.  He wasn't very into it at first, but we've been talking up the jolly red guy- and now he'll point to something and say  "Ho Ho" to let us know that he wants Santa to bring him this.  Mostly all he's picked out are Thomas Trains or Chuggington, but there are a few other items that Ho Ho will be bringing this year.

1. Melissa and Doug Art easel- Grayson loves to paint, color and draw.  When we go to the Children's Museum we cant get him out of the create space, so this was number one on Santa's list. We wanted him to have his own space where he knew he could make art, without it being on my floor or walls. He will also be receiving the paint cups, brushes, crayons, paper and smock to go along with this cool present.
2. Step2 Cozy Kitchen- In order to get Grayson talking more and trying more foods a speech therapist friend of mine suggested a play kitchen.  He has a play grill and he does like playing with that, so I figured what the heck.  However, since I wasn't sure if he would LOVE one, I didn't want to spend a lot or purchase a monstrosity.  This small guy was just the trick. I saw it on lightning deal not too long ago for $38, and of course it sold out instantly.  Luckily, Toys R Us price matched on their website and when I was in the store and I showed them the price online they price matched it in-store as well. Nana got him some play food to go along with it, so hopefully he'll love it.
3. Chuggington StackTrack Brewster's Big City Adventure- no surprise here that the toddler is train obsessed. We have Thomas and Chuggington sets, and he likes the Chuggington because they have ramps and he can race trains down. The die cast Chuggers are held together with kind of a ball/clamp mechanism that keeps them together on the crazy track. I love that these sets break down and set up quick, and can be stored easily.
4. Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair-  Oh Pottery Barn, how I love thee.  These chairs are cute, easy to move, easy to clean and not ugly. Win!
5. Fisher Price Wheelies Loops N Swoops Amusement Park- We purchased a similar toy last year, the Wheelies Stand and Play Rampway, and Grayson loves it. He enjoys making the cars race, so I know he'll get a kick out of them going upside down.  His stocking may or may not also contain a few extra Wheelies as well, because they are just so stinking cute. I also think they are a little easier for two year old hands to use than say a matchbox car, because they're chunkier and easier to hold and push.
6. Chuggington StackTrack Wilson Carry Case- Because all of those action Chuggers have to go somewhere, right? This little box has a lot of storage for trains and keeps them all neat and not under my feet. Nothing feels quite like finding a well placed choo choo train with your foot! Hopefully this box will help keep all of the choo choos that Ho Ho will be stuffing in his stocking nice and neat.
7. Tonka Steel Dump Truck- This toy is all from hubs. He had these as a kid, and now he wants to start Grayson a collection.  I have a feeling these will be super fun outside in the backyard moving mulch and dirt around the yard with Daddy.
8. Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site Magnetic Characters-  We are obsessed with this book, so I knew when I saw this at Marshalls a few weeks ago that he would love it. The magnetic pieces can be driven on the pages, so its a perfect toy for the car or for when we are waiting at restaurants.  Plus he can work on his digger noises as we play, because there is nothing better than hearing diggggrrrr diggggrrrr coming from his little mouth.
What is on your little ones wish list for Ho Ho this year?

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