Saturday, December 10, 2011

DIY Christmas Card Holder

I don't know about you, but I hate taping Christmas cards to my walls. So after spending a few minutes of nap time searching Pinterest (yes, just a few minutes...not the whole hour long, I never spend THAT much time sucked into the wonderful world that is that website!) I got inspired.


One 11 x 14 canvas ($1.99 at Pat Catans), one 25 pack of clothes pins ($1.79), and some paint and ribbon and I think it turned out quite alright!

I painted the canvas with light green, then painted the one side of the clothes pins with holiday green and holiday red (no lie, that's the name on the colors I bought for $0.50 each today)

Dip the back of the paint brush into the paint and you have an instant dot painter...but stripes would look equally cute. I was home with Mr. Man alone today so he wasn't really feeling me taking too much time away from making silly faces and playing peek-a-boo to do stripes on mine.

Then once everything is dry hot glue the clothes pins on, using the metal piece as a guide so theyre all even and thats pretty much it!

At a total cost of around $5 it sure beats the $50 one that I saw on etsy! Plus, while it was drying I got to stick my kid in his stocking and take his picture :)

Gah, those eyes...just like his daddy!


  1. What a cute idea!! I'll have to try that. Thanks for sharing (and the baby is adorable!!)

  2. This turned out really cute! I love using clothespins in unexpected ways!

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  4. That looks so cute and so easy! His outfit is absolutely adorable!

  5. So adorable...and the craft isn't bad either. I love clothespins too. I'm a new follower. Stop by and enter to win my Heirloom ornament...only 1 day left to enter. Warm wishes

  6. I like it!!! I'm the girl who always tapes her cards to the door frames, so this would totally work for me. I bought a holder, but it only holds 10 cards! Might have to try this one!!

  7. Cute closepins! Great idea for displaying those Christmas cards. Sweet baby in a stocking.

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  10. it turned out really cute..i would like to keep it in mind and will use it for the design of Gift Card envelopes.


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