Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Month Three Must Haves

I suspect that next month this list will have a lot more on it, as the little bean is finally starting to reach for toys and play. Plus it doesn't help that we just had Christmas, and Grayson cleaned up like no other in the toy department.

I'm so glad Grayson finally decided he likes this sucker. He doesn't fall asleep in it often, but he loves to hang out and talk to the balls above his head. Really, he could spend a good hour in there just babbling to himself and kicking his feet.  I have no idea how else would I have gotten my Christmas presents wrapped if it wasn't for this wonderful thing. Ours is the second generation with a plush lining, but toys r us sells a canvas lined one for about $40 cheaper.

This adorable night light shines the stars on the ceiling in either blue, green, or amber light. Its just enough light to see when you have to go in there an pop a bink back in and Grayson loves to lay in his crib and look up at the stars before he falls asleep.

This play mat has tons of toys and spaces to add more toys, and it comes with a music box that lights up as it plays. Grayson loves music, and if it lights up as well hes pretty much mesmerized. The octopus on this mat was the first toy he ever reached for, then once he got ahold of the plastic ring he left out a yell because he was so proud of himself. haha.

These are just lightweight plastic rings that link together in chains, but Grayson loves them. He shakes them, grabs for them and puts them in his mouth. You can hang them off of the car seat, the bouncer, the stroller- anything goes!

This bouncer is actually at my Mom's house (Grayson spends 4 days a week with Grammy) and he spends hours in it. He plays and naps in it because he is in love with the snow that moves around the cute little polar bear. If hes cranky, all we have to do is plop him down and turn this on and hes instantly smiling and cooing at his cute little animal friends.  Meanwhile, we have a lovely bouncer at home that doesn't have snow- and he wont set foot in the thing for more than 20 seconds. Eh, kids.

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