Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Wrap Up 2011

Merry Christmas!

Grayson's first Christmas was a success- even if that maid I specifically asked Santa for did not appear any where under my tree this year (and I just double checked when I crawled under there to clean up pine needles-bupkis).

The in-laws made it up from Tennessee for three jam packed days of family celebrations, and were super excited to spend some time with the bean.

Were a family of horrible picture takers for sure.

Our holiday schedule is insane- we celebrate 5 different Christmases, complete with 3 meals, over the span of two days. That's pretty hard on a little dude- not to mention the little dude's Mama! We did manage to squeeze in some Christmas traditions for our little guy though-

We decorated the tree as a family, and wrapped a TON of presents to put under the tree

Turned out pretty darn nice- even if the one side is a little Dr Seuss-ish :)

I toned down the usual amount of Christmas decor, but we still managed to make the house look Christmasy

We set out cookies and milk for Santa and a bowl of Sugar for the Reindeer

We posed for pictures in front of the tree in our Santa hats (it was Steelers Saturday- so we wore our Steelers Santa hats, football is taken way serious in this house!)

In the morning we woke up to a letter from Santa and Grayson found Santa's footprints by his stocking

Daddy and Grayson opened his stocking before we broke into the pile of presents

 Then after a morning nap, we got into our Santa suit and after a few photos we headed off on our Christmas marathon. 

Grammy and her favorite guy ever. 

 After opening more than enough presents and playing in the paper for awhile, both Daddy and Grayson needed a nap.

After my Mom's we hit my Dad's then my Grandma's and ended our night at Patrick's Grandmas.
 Telling Gram and Aunt Christine all about his presents.
Its tradition in the family that we open presents starting with the youngest child- so this year Grayson boy was first. Even at three months he didn't disappoint. He watched everything we opened, and hugged his soft toys for everyone to see how much he liked them.

Our last picture of the night- four generations of good looking guys- one of whom was way tired and ready for bed.

Overall his haul this year included a bunch of clothes, diapers, formula, baby food, rice cereal, puffs, a jumparoo (Santa), a walker, links, Elf on a Shelf (Santa), a Little Tykes Nativity Set (Santa), books, stuffed animals, teethers, rattles shaped like tools, Scout the Puppy and tons of other toys that Im forgetting. Our families and Santa were way generous this year.

Overall Grayson's first Christmas was amazing, and I can't wait to continue our traditions next year :)

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