Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Goodness lovelies- Ive been busy. 

Trying to decorate the house for Christmas is hard enough, but throw in a baby and two working parents and you get sheer chaos. Normally we put up five Christmas trees (one real, the others all artificial), but this year I've cut that number down to two. I blame the bean, his stuff is now taking over the areas that used to be reserved for Christmas decorations.

One thing we wouldn't budge on was our tradition of how we get our Christmas tree.

It's a family tradition- we have breakfast, then trek off to a tree farm and cut down the biggest tree we can find and drag it back to the house and decorate it all up.

This year our normal breakfast place was closed due to a fire, but we found a replacement quick and headed out to Grupp's in the 45 degree sunshine.  Last year it was 23 and snowing, so Id say that was a vast improvement!

 My little bear in the woods

Which tree to pick...hmmm... (ps- it only took us 45 minutes to find 'the tree')

Grayson looking at his Auntie Ashley as if to say "You people are insane."  

We found it- our first family Christmas tree

Thumbs up from the bean for the tree :)

 Dragging them back to the barn- trying to avoid the mud

We have exactly one inch between the tree and the ceiling- not too shabby!

It is a little wonky- it looks like it belongs in Who-Ville- but I like it cause its got some charicter! Its pretty tough to judge when youre standing on a hillside.

Finished pictures to come :)

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  1. I think Christmas trees need character. Hubby calls our a Charlie Brown tree ... but I think it looks great. Can`t wait to see the finished product.


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