Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Hubs ran the Half Marathon- and I ate doughnuts.

Last weekend was a busy one in our house, the Marathon was upon us.  Patrick had been in training for a few months getting ready to run his 13.1 miles side by side with his Momma. 

It was a gorgeous day, a little warm for those people who had to actually run, but perfect for taking the little guy out to see his Daddy and Grandma cross the finish line.

And that they did in two hours, twenty nine minutes and forty five seconds.

Getting all pinned up for the race

Someone was not thrilled at being woken up so early to see Daddy run.

Using iron on transfers I made Grayson a little t-shirt that matched his Daddy's bib number- we had SO many compliments on it, it was unreal.

Before pictures- the two runners.

I melt.

Big Buddy, Little Buddy and Grand Buddy

Grayson was clearly over the picture portion of the morning.

Eating doughnuts and drinking some milk while Daddy and Grammy ran- well we had to do SOMETHING for two and a half hours :)

Wearing Daddy's medal in the park after the finish. 

So proud of them...Lord knows I would have died.

We saw them take off, then part way through the race- but we missed them crossing the finish line because the time tracker said they were two minutes behind where they were.  Oops.

Next year Ill try harder...maybe Ill even skip the doughnuts and head straight to the finish line to get a spot. 


  1. Wow what an accomplishment. All your pictures are great :-)

  2. I can't believe that the woman running with your husband is his MOTHER!!! Really?? She looks like she could be his sister!


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