Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eight Months Old

Grayson Boy-

Sweet baby boy, you're a constant amazement to your Daddy and I. You're trying to hard to grow up too fast in my opinion...and I know that as the days and years go by you're just going to keep on going.

This month was a bit of a struggle to get your pictures because you would.not.sit.still!
At first I tried it by myself because Daddy was outside working, but I quickly realized this was a two man job. You have quickly decided that you don't want to sit still for a second, and you are more than ready to walk. Gravity however, is a little bit of your enemy as your body is still pretty darn wobbly. You love cruising on all of the furniture, and will even pull yourself up on Kaos if you have the chance.

Your fifth tooth is just about to come in, and its been a bugger. You already have your bottom two middle teeth, and your two eye teeth. Which kind of makes you look like a little vampire, but its so darn cute I love it. The one were waiting on will be a middle tooth, and I'm sure the other will not be far behind.

You're still in 6-9 month clothing, but we've started putting you in some 12 month shorts- just so they fit you all summer. They're a little big, but they work. 

You babble all of the time. We have distinctly heard you say Mama, Dadda and Nana- but you haven't associated them with any of us yet. Please little guy, for the sake of my belly that you kicked and punched for 9 + months, please say Mama first.  Otherwise Daddy's head will get so big we wont be able to get him out the door. 

Daddy ran his first half marathon with Grandma, and you were there to cheer them on the whole time. You also got to go running around with her in your jogging stroller, and you fell asleep each time. Grandma still thought you were a good running partner though.

You eat everything. It doesn't matter what were eating, you want to try it.  So far we have only found that you dislike applesauce and some baby foods. Tonight you chowed down on broccoli and mushrooms and were happy as a clam. I hope these good eating habits continue, and you don't switch it up and become a picky eater on us.

You started to learn how to really play with your toys this month. You know where to put the cars to get them to come down the track, and the balls go in the top of the gum ball machine. When you want to turn the toy on you know where the buttons are, sometimes even Momma cant find the darn things.

You started swimming lessons and you are a FISH in the water.  You love the water, and even dunk yourself in your baby pool outside.  The swim instructor has been so impressed with you, he said you're one of the best babies hes seen in the water. We'll keep you in the water as much as you'd like, and we're going to keep them going as long as you seem to enjoy them.

We started putting you to sleep in your crib on your own- a huge step for Momma.  We used to let you fall asleep in your swing, but you're quickly out growing that and so we had to try this whole sleep training business.  It took you one night of crying for 20 minutes, then one night of less than 10 minutes to going down in less than 5 minutes tonight.  You've also started staying asleep longer and you seem to be less tired during the day, so its a win win for us all.

You gave up your bink this month. One day you just decided that you were over it and didn't want it anymore.  Its pretty amazing how you seem to be raising yourself, but really I wouldn't mind if you let Daddy and I help a little bit.

Thats about it for this month big boy. You are the most amazing blessing we could ever have asked for, and you fill our days with joy, laughter, pride and hope.  We love you to the Moon and back, and wouldn't trade a minute of our time with you for anything in the world. You continue to learn things and do new things every day, and amaze us with how smart you are.  We cant wait to see what is in store for us next month, especially cause Mommy will be off and get to spend three whole months watching you grow.

Love you Always and Forever,


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