Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Seven Months Old

My Grayson Boy,

Seven months old already.  Wow.  Daddy and I cant believe how many things you do new each day, and its crazy to think that it wasn't that long ago you were not here.

You really are a joy, Grayson Boy.  You're such a smiley, happy, silly boy and you fill our house with love and toys and noise and giggles and we LOVE it.
  • We had you at the Doctor 3 days before your seven month birthday, and you weigh in at a whopping 20 pounds 10 oz.  You're getting so big- Momma is not going to be able to carry you in the car seat much longer! 
  • You're in size 6-9 month clothing, but can still wear 3-6 month shirts. You're also still in size 3 diapers, and we've found that Pampers seem to be the best for you.
  • We celebrated your first Easter, and the Easter Bunny was super nice to you.  Almost as nice as your Grandmas were.
  • You started eating solid foods, and Grammy taught you to chew chew chew so you don't choke on your food.  You want to try everything we're eating, but baby food you're pretty picky on.
  • You went to your first Birthday party, your cousin Gavin turned 5 and Silas turned 1. You ate your first piece of birthday cake and discovered you LOVE icing.
  • You started to CRAWL! Wooo hoooo!! My crazy baby, you wouldn't go any where but backwards one day and the next you were crawling everywhere!  Your favorite thing is to crawl from the living room into the pantry and play with the magnets on the door, but you also like to look out the front door to see if Daddy is home yet.
  • Your third tooth came through this month, on the top- and it brought on your first ear infection. It was so hard for Momma to see you sick, but a few days on Amoxicillin and you felt much better. Speaking of teeth, you have discovered a love for brushing your teeth.  You will let us brush at first, then you have to give it a try yourself.  Its the cutest thing ever if you ask me.
  • You started to pull yourself to standing, first on the couch, then on the ottoman at Grammy's, then in your crib. You haven't started cruising yet, but can you slow it down just a notch, baby boy? Mommy isn't quite ready for you to be running around yet.

Thank you for being the best baby Daddy and I could ever ask for.  We love you so much, and each day we love you even more.  I cant wait for summer so we can spend all kinds of time together doing all kinds of fun stuff, and maybe we'll even let Daddy tag along some times. :)

Love you so much pickle.



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