Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Month Seven Must Haves

Heres what we're loving this month!

I never thought my son's first car would be when he was 6 months old, but he is obsessed with this jeep. We actually got this at Christmas time, but just this month did we bust it out of the box. Grayson LOVES it, and putters around the whole downstairs in it.  Its super lightweight, goes on carpet as well as hardwood, makes super cute car noises and has a mirror.  Its a win win for him for sure. He looks a bit like Fred Flinstone sometimes, but I think thats just a bonus.

This is seriously Graysons favorite toy. Its got these little bean shaped tumblers, that jump and tumble and he just laughs the whole time he plays with it.  He knows how to make the music come on, and how to make the wheel spin.  Its the cutest thing ever when he puts the bean on the yellow track and laughs as it comes to the bottom.

These were our first 'big boy' food item. We started breaking them into quarters, now he can eat them whole, but hes such a little bird when he sees the container come out.  They're great for sprinkling on the tray of his high chair when were cooking dinner- they keep him busy picking up and eating them for a good half hour.

Okay, so this is more of a Mommy must have- but its still awesome.  We wanted a pocket video camera that we could capture all of Grayson's little moments on, without spending a ton of cash. This camera has met and exceeded all of our expectations. It goes from off to on and recording in three seconds, its waterproof up to 10 feet, shock proof, dust proof and husband who is clumsy proof. It uses an SD card, and a 4GB card can last for a whole hour.  Plenty of time for capturing little moments in our little mans life.

With Grayson starting to crawl, we spent too much time smashing our face into the hardwoods.  Enter this play mat.  We bought two sets to cover the floor in the living room where Grayson plays the most- and now when he topples over he just gets right back up. The gray color matches our living room, so it didn't look too silly in the middle of the floor.  One set only covers a 4 x 4 area, so if you need something bigger be prepared to get two or three sets.

Thats all for this month, if you missed months 1-6 check out the Raising Parents tab!

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  1. Currently expecting and being a crazy researcher, I read that walkers are actually not good for the baby? Growing up we always had one and I'm fine! I guess Canada banned them not too long ago. Have you heard this?


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