Friday, May 11, 2012

Being a Momma- A Glamorous life?

A friend of mine recently shared her desire to have children with me, she cant wait to be someones Momma.  She talked at length about all of the things she wants to do with her future kiddos, and her expectations and hopes. It was a great conversation, because I could relate to alot of what she was saying with how I feel about my bean. What I found ironic about our conversation was when she said

"Your life is so much more glamorous than mine, I'm jealous." 

Now this girl is married to a gorgeous guy, travels all over the world, goes to bi-monthly spa dates with her friends and is always dressed impeccably with a perfect manicure. So shes hardly living an un-glam life.

After asking her first if she was kidding, then after confirming she was serious suggesting she go get a CT scan I started to think- is my life glamorous?

I remember my pre-Grayson life.  I had my hair cut and colored on a regular basis. I went and had mani/pedis at least once a month. I went out to cool restaurants and stayed up till all hours of the night. I had a closet full of clothes that fit.  It was pretty great at the time, but I wouldn't have called that life glamorous.

My Momma life? Totally different.

I haven't colored my hair since before I learned I was pregnant, and I haven't had it cut since October. I have had maybe one pedicure in the last 8 months, and lord knows no manicures. I'm in bed shortly after Grayson goes down, which is to say I'm usually passed out by 9 pm.  I prefer to stay in for dinner now, because I don't want to mess with our bath time/bedtime routine.

I wake up on days I'm not working and put on my standard Mom-a-form.  That's my Momma uniform, and it usually consists of black yoga pants or capris and a tshirt. My hair is usually always pulled up off of my face because little man has a thing with pulling on it. 

If I'm not careful when I'm changing a diaper I can get peed on, and have received one or two showers for not paying attention. I have caught spit up in my hand, and certainly had it on my shoulder a time or two when I left the house. I have held my little guy down and used the booger sucker to clear out his nose, taken his temp in places no thermometer should have to go, and cleaned poop off of his little boy parts gagging at the smell while he giggled at me from the changing table. I have ordered food in a restaurant only to have to leave it because a little guy started to cry and needed held, walked or fed himself.

I'm sure at some point in his life I will have to clean poop out of the tub, eat something soggy that he has already drooled on and is now shoving in my mouth, and clean up full fledged vomit from every imaginable surface.  As a boy I know there are going to be messes that will have the phrase "Just wait till Daddy hears what you did" jumping from my mouth, and I will clean those up too.

So no, my life certainly isn't glamorous, by any stretch of the imagination.

 Is it pretty perfect though? Yes. I wouldn't change anything about it for the world, that's for sure. 

Although I wouldn't mind the occasional hair cut and mani/pedi. Just sayin.


  1. I am in stitches right now laughing. My glamorous life shows brightly when I go thru the check out line at the grocery store...only to realize later that the reason the clerk was so smiley was because I had stickers right "about" where my nipples are (or should be...used to be?)!

    Welcome full force to motherhood, its an adventure that you will never forget or want to trade in for any amount of money. The truest meaning of PRICELESS!


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