Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Aviary

If you've never visited the Pittsburgh Aviary, you have to try and get down there.  Its been completely redone, and gives you a chance to really get up close with birds. 

Now, confession time. When I was younger I was on a field trip to the Aviary and nearly had my finger tip bitten off by a Parrot when a classmate decided to pull out a tail feather.  I'm terrified of birds. My in-laws have an African Gray who talks and that bird KNOWS I'm not a huge fan.  She has dive bombed me more than once, and I swear she laughs at me as shes doing it.

I reallllyy don't like birds.

Grayson, however, loves them.

So off we went on a Sunday to show him some birdies.

Hey, ma, its really bright in here.

Watching the bird feeding show in the wetlands room.  They have you hold up little worms and fishes and the birds fly right down and take them out of your hands. (I did not volunteer for this- and I may or may not have ducked as birds flew too close to my head for comfort.)

He was watching so intently, he would not even look at Dad for a picture.

Feeding the pelicans- he was squealing so loud.

Checking out the Penguins!

We really liked the penguins. What can I say? Hes a Pittsburgh Kid.

They have the feeding times all coordinated, so you can walk through the rooms and see them interacting and feeding the birds in each room.  You can also pay a little extra money to feed them yourself, or meet one up close like a penguin or flamingo. We will be doing that as Grayson gets older for sure.

And before you ask- no, we did not get pooped on while we were there. But I hear if that happens the Aviary gives you a cool button as a prize. Ill take the clean shirt anyday.

We had a blast- even the Momma who isn't thrilled with birdies.  It was a great way to kick off the bucket list- and to spend a few hours on a cool day!

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