Saturday, June 23, 2012

Have a Banana Split for Ryan

If you haven't heard about 21 month old Ryan Roberts, get your tissues out and see a video about him here and read about him here.

Ryan's Banana Split Party

Hes the most adorable little guy who was born with Downs Syndrome and a congenital heart defect.  A few weeks ago his parents got some devastating news- there was nothing more doctors could do for this sweet, sweet boy. So they made the decision to fill his reaming time with as much fun as they could- creating a bucket list of things that he needs to do like pet a puppy, get a speeding ticket, have a beer, and eat a banana split.

People started asking his Momma, Diane, if there is anything they can do for the family and her response was so self-less and sweet, it needs shared.

"Go out and create a memory with your kid. Throw a banana split on the table for dinner," Diane says. "Wouldn't you remember having banana splits for dinner one night when you were a kid?"

I give all of the credit in the world to this family, I can not imagine the emotions they are going through right now. When I read about them, I cant help but getting tears in my eyes. I would do anything I could to help someone in this situation, and if all this family wants is for me to feed my kiddo ice cream they can consider it done.

A facebook group called Ryans Banana Split Party was created by a family friend where people have posted pictures of them doing just that. Forgoeing the veggies and protein for one night to eat banana splits all over the world.

So one more thing is added to our summer bucket list for the summer, to have a Banana Split for Ryan.  Tonight for dinner Grayson will be having his dessert for dinner in honor of this sweet boy

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