Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Hey lovelies, its officially SUMMER!!! The best three months of the year if you are a teacher- or a momma dying to spend some time with your beans. As luck would have it this year, I am both. Instead of spending the summer like I usually do, working a summer job, I plan on filling it with fun memories with Grayson Boy.

A few weeks ago I asked if anyone had any ideas for our summer bucket list, and some people had some really good suggestions. Other people had some very random suggestions, and some of them made the list as well. Its lofty, and my goal is to not only visit these places but blog about them as well. Once they are completed, I plan on coming back and crossing them off to track our progress. I also printed this out as a Publisher document and put it in a photo frame to check off as we go. (If you're in the area and want this list, shoot me an email and Ill send it along!)

So here it is- The K Family Summer Bucket List 2012

The Pittsburgh Aviary
Play on the Water Steps at PNC Park
The Pittsburgh Zoo
Take a Road Trip
Hike at Ohio Pyle
Go Swimming
The Children's Museum
Eat Ice Cream from an Ice Cream Truck
Storybook Forest at Idewild Park
Feed the Ducks
Make a Big Mess
Bath a Puppy Outside
Go Fishing
Take a bike ride
Story time at the library
Play in the sandbox
Visit Gus and Yaya's
Play in all of Pittsburgh's Parks
Craft Project
Ride the Incline
Eat Popsicles
See a Baseball Game
Play Dates with Friends
Take a walk in the country
Steelers Training Camp
Play in the Splash Park
Plant a veggie garden
Catch lightning bugs
Watch fireworks
Have a water fight
Phipps Conservatory
Visit a Farmers Market
Color on the Sidewalk
Pick fresh berries from a farm
Ride a Carousel
Go on a picnic
Have a dance party
Visit Sarris' Ice Cream Parlor
Have an at home drive in movie night
Mail a hug to Grandma and Grandpa
Go to a County Fair
International Village
Play in the rain
Blow bubbles
Take family pictures
Go to yard sales
Bake cookies for the neighbors
Take a day trip
Slide at Mammoth Park
Pet some animals
Make a Photobook of our fun summer

Im super excited to do all of these things with Grayson and the hubs. Some of the best memories I have are doing some of these things with my Momma when I was little, so Im downright giddy to do them with my kiddo.

What are your must do's this summer??

Swimming- Check!

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