Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Children's Museum

On my last day of school for the year (woo!) Grayson and Daddy came to pick me up for a fun filled afternoon at The Childrens Museum of Pittsburgh.

It was on our summer bucket list- and it was a nice way to spend a few hours.

If you live in the Pittsburgh area, Im told you HAVE to take your kiddo to Tot Time on Tuesdays or Wednesdays...everyone I know raves about it.  Grayson is still too young (18 months to 3 years), but its something we'll do next year for sure. 

The hubs was worried that Grayson would be too young, but from all of the Mommas I had talked to they said that he would be able to enjoy over half of the exhibits, so I wasnt worried.  He actually enjoyed more than half of it, which was a nice surprise. What the hubs doesnt know that I didnt care if Grayson hated it...they have a visiting Wizzard of Oz exhibit and this Momma is slightly obsessed with that movie. We were going, and at least I was going to have fun! (Truth be told, I knew they had a nursery floor and a giant floor that is for water play- my fish would be just fine!)

Off to a good start in the Gravity Room


Making music

Ruby Slippers!!! I may have been the only one excited for this.

Riding Miss Gulch's Bike

The Garage was much more both of these boys idea of a good time...

Playing in the tree from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Okay Lovelies- I need some help. Grayson spent like 45 minutes playing with this snail. It had no distinguishing marks on it, no brand name or anything. It had beads in the clear ball that when you spun it around, ran down over the hard plastic lines and made noise. If anyone knows who makes it PLEASE let me know...the poor kid cried when we walked away from it!

Close up! 

Making bubbles!

 Playing with the blocks.

Overall we spent three hours at the Museum- and had one super tired kiddo on the way home. I think that was the first time in a very long time we took Grayson into a restaurant, and he slept on my lap rather than tried to scam me out of all of my food.  We will definitely have to go back...even if its just to play with the snail!

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