Thursday, June 21, 2012

He Speaks!!!!!

Grayson has had his "voice" for awhile. He has been babbling on and on for a few months now and he distinctly says Mama and Dada- but he had never really associated them with anyone.

Until last night- 6/20/2012 will go down in infamy in the K house.

The hubs took Grayson upstairs to put him to bed, and he fell asleep laying on Daddy's lap finishing his bottle.  When this happens, its almost inevitable that the hubs will put his head back and fall asleep as well. So after about 30 minutes of silence on the monitor up the steps I trudged to wake the hubs and put the babe down for the night. 

When I walked in, I first woke up hubs so he could look at the sight of Grayson sleeping with his foot sprawled above his head. Well, something happened and Grayson opened up those sweet blue eyes to see us staring at him.  His face broke into that sweet grin and he said plain as day the best thing I have ever heard...thats right, he said "Mama"!

*Insert giddy dance here!*

The sun may shine out of Dada's rear end around here, but my baby boy said Mama first.

Take that, Daddy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a pony to go purchase.


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