Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Daddy's Day Hubs!

You know I love my husband to bits when I volunteer to go out into nature without him having to ask first.  I wanted his first Fathers Day (out of the belly of course) to be nice, so I decided to take him hiking at Ohiopyle.

(Plus, you know, it was on the bucket list...Im determined to get that thing finished!)

Now let me explain.  I grew up playing outside. We went to the beach. I played in the woods.  I enjoyed nature, but was by no means an outdoor gal. I didnt camp, I didnt sleep outside in the summer, I didn't look for bugs and snakes and think that stuff was 'neat'.

Meanwhile, the hubs I think was birthed into the wilderness.  He loves hiking and camping.  He thinks bugs and lizards are cool. He spent a week in high school hiking the Appalachian Trail and carrying all of his equipment on his back like a billy goat. He would have me sleeping in the dirt every weekend if I would agree to it- which there is no way in hell I ever would.

So my surprising him Saturday night with a day of hiking, picnicking and playing in the water was an amazing gesture on my part- and the hubs was more than excited. He had our stuff packed an in the car before bed on Saturday night. He was also excited to learn I had invited his cousin and his kids to go along- so it was going to a big adventure.

We broke out the hiking backpack- the one where Grayson fits right in.  We were not sure how he would take to it..but he's his Daddy's boy- he loved it.

Matching Backpacks

The Cascades

Splashing in the water
Checking out the water
Making Momma nervous as heck
He had no fear, he crawled, splashed and played in every pool Patrick set him in.

Somehow I think this means Im going to have many heart attack moments with this boy.

On the way back out of the gorge, we passed a tree that I just so happened to look up on.  On the branch sat the biggest spider I had ever seen in my life- no lie, it was bigger than my hand.  It looked like something you see at the zoo. 

And the hubs wonders why Im not a big fan of nature...its cause guys like this can eat me.

After the hike it was time to eat- we had a wonderful picnic lunch in a nice cool spot.

Smooches before Sandwiches.

We wanted to hike another trail, but the only problem was that two of our kiddos were ready to pass out, so we decided to head home for the day.  Its only a little over an hour drive, so we'll go back again to hike another trail and ride the natural water slides.

After a good long scrub in the tub we took our official Fathers Day picture.

Happy Fathers Day, hubs. You're seriously the best Daddy I could have ever asked for our little guy.  You love him unconditionally and more than the Moon- and he feels the same way about you. There isn't a thing you wouldn't do for him, and for that we are both grateful. For you I went out into the woods and came home with a leg full of bug bites because I sprayed you and Grayson first and ran out by the time I got to me, but I'd do it again and again to make you happy.  Ill just stock up on the Off and bathe in it first next time.

We love you!

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