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Baby Essentials

A friend of mine was asking the other day what were the things that we registered for that were utter essentials for us- things that she should make sure she has for her bean-on-the way. So I decided to compile a list for anyone who is asking the same question.

1- The Padalily
Anyone who has lugged a baby in an infant seat knows they are big, bulky and heavy. The Padalily is a cushion that wraps around the handle and makes it so much easier to carry. They sell for around $25 and its well worth it for all of the times it saved me from having the car seat carve a niche into my arm as I lugged chunky monkey through parking lots and to and from the car!

2- Beco Gemini Baby Carrier
I love me some baby wearing. Once Grayson grew too large for the k'tan I started looking at other carriers. The three big ones are the Bijorn, Ergo and the Beco- and I researched each and came up with the Beco for a few reasons. First, like the Ergo, it was easier on your back than the Bijorn. With the strap that goes around your waist it takes alot of pressure off of your shoulders, which is important. The thing that made it win over the Ergo for us was the option to face outwards. Grayson loved to look around, and I knew he wouldn't be happy only facing in. Overall I have loved this carrier- I can wear him for hours and my back doesn't hurt at all.

3. The Boppy
This was kind of a godsend. He ate in it, he had tummy time in it, he napped in it (even though Boppy frowns on that), it held him up when he was first learning to sit...I could go on, but you get the picture. Trust me and the 10000000 other bloggy Moms who rave about the Boppy- you need this.

4.  JJ Cole Orignial Bundle Me
We live in Pittsburgh, its cold here. The bundle me was amazing for the cold winter months because I didn't have to dress Grayson like he was the kid from A Christmas Story just to go to the grocery store. He stayed nice and toasty inside his fleecy little bundle, in fact nights he wouldn't sleep I would stick him in here and he would be out like a light.  I also loved that the blanket zipped, so even in the wind it didn't budge. They also make a lighter version for spring time, and we loved that too.

5. Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier
Kiddos get the sickies, and when they do there are zero meds that help. Pretty much all you can do is use the humidifier and a booger sucker to help ease the congestion, and this version is by far my favorite model. We have had a few different varieties of humidifiers, and this one is super quiet and easy to clean. Some tend to get mold gathered in the parts, but we have not had that issue at all. Plus this one has a spot for the vicks pads that help big people when they are all stuffed up.

6. GroVia Magic Stick
This beeswax formula diaper rash ointment has no petroleum, so its cloth diaper friendly. Its also neat and easy to put on and protects like no other. Anytime we would see a hint of red on his bum we would swipe this stick over it and it would be gone. $13 bucks might seem like a lot for 2 oz, but we use it a lot and were still on our first stick. Totally worth it.

7. Fisher Price Jumparoo
Grayson adored this, and spent hours upon hours jumping and laughing in this thing.  It was huge, and took up a good chunk of our floor space but I could put him in it and he would bounce and play with the toys and I could get dinner cooked and put on the table so it was well worth my floor space.

8. The Baby K'tan
When he was diagnosed with reflux all Grayson wanted was to be held. My poor arms couldn't take it, and I hit the interweb for a solution. So many bloggy Moms recommended this carrier, and said it was much easier to use than the Moby so off I went to to order myself one.  It was amazing. It was so easy to put on, I could do it by myself without needing a Youtube video, and Grayson loved feeling close to me. He would nap in there and I could actually get stuff done.

9. The Wubanub
I loved this pacifier and was so sad when at 6 months Grayson kicked it to the curb. Not only is it cute as a button, but its easy to find in the car seat from the drivers seat. Grayson would always rub the different textures of the fabric on the monkey to fall asleep and when his teeth were bugging him the monkey's foot became a teether in a pinch.

10. The Lovey.
A stuffed animal head sewed onto a small washcloth sized blanket= a best friend for life. I don't know what attracted Grayson to his lovey, which is a giraffe, but he is obsessed with it. It used to be we couldn't get into the carseat unless it was tucked safely under one arm, but we've gotten better and now only need it to fall asleep at night. No matter what time you go into his room hes always got one hand on that lovey.

11. Eucalyptus Oil
Strange, I know, but this was recommended to us by our pediatrician. Whenever Grayson has a cough, we rub some of this oil on his feet and put on nice cozy socks and he gets some much needed relief. We also put it in the water in his humidifier to help unstuff him, and it works wonders. I like it because it doesn't have any other chemicals but is just a pure essential oil. We bought the 4 oz bottle and it lasts forever.

12. Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer
Those wipes get cold, and when a cold one would hit a warm, happy, just fed milk coma baby's bottom he would scream and be wide awake. I cant say I blame him, but I was in dire need of a solution. Once we started pre-heating the wipes we had no more wide awake screaming issues. Which meant that for the $18 price tag, this Momma got lots more sleep.

13. Luv U Zoo Space Saver Swing
We had a MamaRoo and hated it at first, so we picked him up this little space saver swing and it was a hit. Its small, easy to fold up and take places and cute as a button.  Grayson was a swing baby, and this was probably one of our most used items.

14. The Bumbo
Grayson loved to be up, seeing what was going on around him so he loved his bumbo. When he was still kind of little for his high chair we would plop him in this on the table between us when we were eating and give him bites of his baby food. He felt like a big man, and always ate so much better when he was sitting with us. He still tries to sit in it sometimes, but his chunky butt doesn't exactly squeeze down into the opening anymore.

15. The Womb Bear
From the day we brought him home from the hospital, we would turn this on in Grayson's room to drown out the noise of the dogs barking or any other outside noises. He always slept so much better when it was on, and would sleep through anything. He doesn't use it anymore, but when we were sleep training it was essential.

16. Tadpoles Foam Playmat
 With hardwood floors and a baby learning to crawl/walk, we would have had many more goose eggs and bruises if we didn't invest in this mat. I loved that it would cushion his fall and was easier on his hands and knees than the floor. Its not always the easiest thing to clean, but its well worth the effort (I just put mine in the dishwasher to get it germ free!).

What did you consider a baby essential that I forgot about? Feel free to share!

*Please Note- I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are solely my own and based on products we have used and enjoyed!*


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  1. I will definitely be keeping this list in mind when we register for our little one due in June. Their are a lot of products on the market and it can really be overwhelming. Thanks!


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