Monday, January 28, 2013

Coffee Body Scrub

Back in college, a girlfriend of mine wanted to have a spa party. The problem was we were all far too broke to actually go out and purchase spa treatments. So I decided I could make something to bring, and this scrub was born after I started hunting through my kitchen cabinets. 
What you'll need: Coffee (the cheaper the better, baby), kosher salt or sugar, olive oil (baby oil also works) and a splash of vanilla.
Start by combining about a cup or two of coffee with about 1/2 cup of salt- literally you cant screw this up, which is also why it rocks.  Just toss a handfull or two of each into the bowl.
Then add in about 2-3 tablespoons of oil. You just kind of want to coat everything. If you add too much oil, it can tend to clump together. After you stir it up, add in a splash or two of vanilla. This makes it smell like a latte, which I love and vanilla is also soothing to the skin.

Once its all mixed up, you can take a big handful and rub it into your skin.  The coffee and the salt exfoliate off the rough, dead skin, and the oil and vanilla put some moisture back. Something I found out later is that coffee is supposed to have properties in it that when it is applied to the skin it energizes the fat cells in skin and helps to break up cellulite. 
Now is this medically proven? I have no idea. A professor in college told me that and it always stuck. Especially since my arse hasn't seen the inside of a gym since Grayson was born and lets face it, it cant hurt either way.
The proof as they say- is in the pudding. So here is my before shot of my pasty leg. Keep in mind I live in Pittsburgh and my skin is supposed to be the color of liquid paper in January.
and the after- before I rubbed on any lotion.
While still liquid paper white- all of the dry skin has been removed and my skin is much softer. So much so that even the hubs noticed, which is nothing short of amazing.
You can make your own version of this scrub by playing around with things in your kitchen, so you never have to pay for a good spa treatment again!
Let me know if you have a good sugar scrub recipe- I'm always looking for new ones to try!

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