Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Gifts a 1 year old LOVES

Each month I always shared a list of must haves, things that Grayson really enjoyed that month. I did it so when I have baby #2, or when someone else has a baby, I can look back and get ideas for gifts and needs at each stage. I decided that I would share the gifts that he really seemed to enjoy this year for Christmas for the same reasons- and if these lists can help any of you lovelies out, then all the better!
I picked this train table up for $40 on Black Friday, and I'd say thats the best money I spent this year for Christmas. Its not too big, only 4 square feet and its only about 1.5 feet off the ground so the size is PERFECT for Grayson Boy. He can reach to the center and really play with all of the pieces. I read alot of reviews and everyone suggested a train table, but I didn't want to bite the bullet and spend $150 on a huge one if he wouldn't like it.  This is the perfect little starter table and as he grows we can buy more pieces and then graduate to a bigger table.  Another plus? It doesn't make noise. WOO! Grayson will play with it for an hour at a time, making train noises and moving the pieces around. So hes actually getting to use his imagination and I don't need ear plugs. Its a win-win!
Grayson has been playing with cars on a more frequent basis, so we thought he might enjoy this. Well, we were right. It stands about three feet tall, so its perfect to grow with him. He loves putting the cars on the ramps and then watching them go all the way down.  He can then push them all around the living room and put them on the elevators to take them back to the top. It gets about 20 minutes of solid play- and for a toddler that's pretty golden.
Grayson loves crawling through tunnels at the park, so when I saw this guy on sale for $10 I figured I couldn't go wrong. It folds up really easily, and gets nice and flat so its very easy to store. Grayson has already logged many trips crawling from one side to the other.
My kid is obsessed with Super Why- if you don't remember, mosey on back and check out his first birthday party. My stepdad found these DVDs on and picked a few of them up.  Coupled with the in-car DVD player we can get almost ANYWHERE in peace. Each DVD has 3-4 episodes on it, so for $9 dollars its a great deal. Plus, there are alot of new episodes that kids haven't seen on TV which always holds their interest a little more.
My Dad picked this up for Grayson and at first I was skeptical. We already own Leap Frog's version- Scout, who can say Graysons name and be programed to remember things he likes.  However, Grayson loves this puppy.  He likes the songs he sings, and plays along whenever the puppy says "Wheres my hand/foot/ear/etc?" Its a great way to help teach body parts, something Scout doesn't do.
 Chuck has a bunch of friends. A bunch.  We gifted Grayson a few different ones for Christmas because they are the perfect size for chubby toddler hands.  Plus they are semi soft, so when he chucks it at his head it wont hurt too bad. Cant go wrong with Chuck and his friends.
Other gifts that we really liked were the play-a-sound books that make animal noises or music- he received a few of these and loves them all pretty equally. As well as an assortment of balls- something you cant go wrong with for a boy at any age. 

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  1. my 4 year old still plays with the little wheels from fisher price so it's def a great toy!


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