Monday, January 7, 2013

Books and Puzzles- Grayson Approved!

Part one of this post was all about the toys we cant live without, but we also got lots of books and puzzles that we love as well. Here are a few ideas if you're searching for some great gift ideas.
This is just one book in the series and Grayson received a few of them for Christmas. He ADORES these books. They all have textures he can touch and feel, and they make sounds and some even have lights. Plus they're short enough to hold his attention, which is hard sometimes with longer books.
We love the Eric Carle books, and this one he can push to actually hear the sounds as we read the story. Win. I keep this in the car and it keeps him entertained for the rides to and from Grandmas house.
You Are My Sunshine
This is hands down Grayson's favorite song. He really likes when we read it and we can tell him to turn the pages as we say the words.
Each tab opens to a different page of items that are all the same color. Grayson really likes pointing out all of the different items on the pages (well, the ones he knows).  Its a book that we can use for a few years.
This puzzle is amazing. It has all kinds of latches and chains and craziness that keeps the kid entertained for 30 minutes at a clip. He really hasn't even figured out that it is a puzzle underneath, so when he does that will bring a whole different kind of fun to the table.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. It has these little plastic pieces that you push, and it sounds like popping bubble wrap. Then, as they push in the first page, it sets up the second that they can push and pop on that side. Grayson adores it, and every adult that has seen it has loved it as well!
I like these puzzles because the pieces are the perfect size for chubby toddler hands. We spend time asking him where is the duck, cow, pig etc and making the animal noise as we play with the puzzle so even if hes not getting it exactly in the right position he knows how to match them up. Plus, it doesn't have handles or little pegs- so you can stack the puzzles on top of one another for easy storage.

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