Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Valentine Decor

Hello, Lovelies!! Just stopping by to show you the cute little valentines centerpiece that is now gracing my kitchen table. 

So super easy to make- all you need is a scrap of red burlap, some brown burlap, white ribbon and a mason jar. 
All I did was cut a rectangle of the red burlap long enough to wrap around the jar. Then I hot glued it onto a clear mason jar. A piece of left over white ribbon went over that, and I free handed a heart out of the brown burlap and attached both with hot glue.  I plunked in some fake hydrangeas I have left over from our wedding centerpieces and there you have it. All total, it took maybe 4 minutes- which is perfect for DIY decor in my book.

Close up!
Another good reason that it only took four minutes to make was that was all the time it took for this guy to destroy the cupcake I gave him as a distraction while Mommy crafted.
Hes such a hot mess. I love it.

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