Tuesday, August 6, 2013

K Family Vacation 2013

I love the beach. I'm pretty sure I am meant to live by the sea, barefoot with sand stuck on me somewhere. Not just any sea, but the Outer Banks.  I've been to the Caribbean and Mexico- but there is just something about that little spit of land that has my heart. Years ago I shared my favorite place on Earth with the hubs (who was just the bf back then!) and converted him from a beach hater to a beach lover. I could not wait to share our love for the sea with Grayson, to see how he would react. Since you know, my kid isn't real fond of having sand in his shoes or on his hands, I was a little nervous if he would love it or hate it.  He LOVED it.  He also loved that he had his Nana, Grandma and Grandpap with him for a whole week straight.  Grayson and his Pap are pretty much twins and were inseparable all week. He was not a happy camper today when Pap was not around. So here are some pictures of our week- I'm already planning next years trip!
Hubs insists on driving on the beach-- his brand new Subaru had 700 miles on it when it hit the sand.  

Birds, Ma! 

Napping on Grandma.


Daddy caught a fish, and Grayson wanted to hug him.

Holding the fishy. (Don't worry, we put him right back in the ocean!)

Why is Pap Grayson's favorite? Could it be that he gives him a comfy chair, a bucket of water to rest his feet in then hand feeds him cherries and water out of a bottle cap in the shade? #kingofthebribes


Flying his new kite.

Photo bombed by the hubs.

Oh, Pap also pulls you in the shallow water for hours if you say "Peas!!"

The K Family- 2013. 

Silly face photo shoot. This is the face Grayson makes when he says "George" as in Curious George. I die.


Move over, Beckham!

See you next year, ocean!

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