Monday, August 26, 2013

I said I would Never- 52 Weeks of Blogging

Linking up with Becky to talk about the things I swore up and down I would never do, that now that Im actually a Momma of course I actually DO.
1. Let my child watch tv shows. Was I out of my gourd?? I thought that TV would stunt his imagination and I didn't want him relying on pictures to entertain him, because I wanted him to be able to entertain himself. Now? When dinner needs cooked or Momma has a phone call to make- why hello Calliou and Thomas On Demand. You are loved in this house.  Now obviously I try to keep it reasonable and I don't stick him in front of the TV all day long, but sometimes you just have to hit play.
2. Make two separate meals.  My child will eat what we eat was always my motto.  Until Grayson decided that he'll eat chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, rice, fruit, veggies and bread. I cant eat those every day. So when we have spaghetti and he wont touch it, he gets easy mac. He eats and is happy and that makes me happy.
3. Allow my child to dictate routine. Pssh. Anyone who is a parent realizes how quick that thought was getting tossed out the window. I let Grayson go with the flow, and you know what? He broke himself of the binky and bottle. He lays down without a fight. It may not have been on my terms, but we got there and we got there just fine.
4. Let my child go outside unless fully dressed.  If we are going to the store, he's always dressed, don't get me wrong. But to go play on the porch with shave cream and bubbles? A diaper is perfectly well dressed in my book.  If I don't have to wrestle him out of clothes then attempt to get the stains out its just easier on me.
5. Let my child wear character clothing. This used to be a pet peeve of mine. I didn't really like when kids wore shirts with cartoon characters on them. I don't know why it bugged me, but it did. Until my almost two year old started requesting his "ISSSS" shirt or his "Orge" shirt.  In time I learned that letting them pick an outfit makes the fight to get dressed so much easier I don't care what's on his shirt as long as its clean.  I even let Grayson get his two year old pictures wearing his beloved Thomas hat.  Because you know what, hes two, looks adorable, and I was wrong.  I can admit it when I was wrong and Moms and Dads I have seen the light. 
Im sure as he grows my list of never will I ever's will slowly switch, because we never really know what we will do until we're in that moment. As long as our kids are happy, healthy and loved that's all that really matters. But I really will never ever let that child leave home and go off to college or kindergarten without his Momma. That one is for sure!
 What were some of your Never Evers? Go link up with Becky and let me know!

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