Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Toddler Moments to Remember

Every once in awhile I will catch myself wishing that I can remember what Grayson is like at this age forever. The little moments, the random things he does, they are amazing. Im so glad we live in an age where an iphone can whip out and record most of these moments.

How he reaches for my hand when he's watching cartoons and drinking his milk.

How he carries around his blanket and his Monkey when he's tired.

The fact that he has to have ALL of his blankies with him when he's falling asleep- hello, blanket hoarder.

The wonder he sees in bubbles.
How he picks up any bugs without fear and delights in showing them to me.
The ducklips he gives when he's coming in for a mooch.

How he giggles at Curious George.
The fact that tickle Mommy is a favorite game.

How he crawls up onto my lap and lays his head on my belly and rubs his face into my tummy with a giggle. He can spend a good hour snuggled like that.
When he learns a new word, and is so stinking proud of himself.
How he sits on the counter with me while I make dinner and eats a sucker jabbering to me about life.

How we call him El Destructo because he can destroy a room faster than any tornado could.

Those curtains used to be attached to that door. Sweet, huh?

Every time I think I want to remember this forever, he does something else that I want to add to the list. I'm so glad I can take pictures and videos to remember these moments because otherwise I would forget. Lets face it, I have to write down the passwords that I use to log into websites I visit daily- my memory is pretty shoddy like that.

Plus I don't know about you, but I love having them on my phone so when Motherhood has me waving the white flag (like above, when he ripped my curtains off the windows while I was on the phone) I can look back and remind myself that he's just learning and growing and these moments will pass.  Even if it seems like the difficult moments take longer to pass than the fun ones, they all go by far too quickly for this Momma's liking.

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