Thursday, August 22, 2013

Second Birthday Party Planning is in Full Swing!

One day a couple months ago at dinner I asked Grayson what kind of birthday party he would like to have.  I honestly didn't think he would answer me, you know seeing as he only said a few words at this point.  Much to both mine and the hubs surprise, he looked up from his plate of rice and said "ISSS" Which in Grayson speak- is Thomas the Tank Engine.
So, obviously, we're throwing a Thomas party.

If you've been following my Birthday Pinterest Board, you'll see a mix of Thomas and Curious George. That's because goobs couldn't decide for the longest time between the two.  So we decided for his big party with friends he will have his Thomas Party, then we'll do a small George family party on the day of his actual birthday. Yes, I am certifiably insane, I know this.

I ordered our invites from SplashBox Printables via Etsy. I also ordered from them custom food and water bottle labels. Super fast turn around and great customer service.
I've been pinning like mad and crafting like a crazy person to get a lot of it done before I go back to school. Here are some of my inspirations-

 Cake pops and t-shirt are ordered. Birthday cake is being made by a talented friend- no idea what it will look like, I leave that to her. Food is ordered. The rest is up to Mommy and Nana to make. On the list is a custom Cranky the Crane to hold the sandwich tray, wooden fronts to turn the tables into trains, treat bags, various train themed food displays, backdrops for food, cake and gift tables, centerpieces and of course Grayson's present.   I cant wait to share with you my projects once the party is over!

PS- if you have any train party ideas, I'd love to hear them!

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  1. I hope you all have a good time and you dodn't work too hard.


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