Thursday, October 9, 2014

First Day of Preschool!!

How did we get to this day? Didn't I just bring this goober home from the hospital? Now he's heading off to preschool?
What's next? Med School?!
At the end of the year last year we signed Grayson up to attend preschool at the High School where I teach. The teacher in charge is phenomenal and the students in the Child Development Classes are some of my favorite students from past years. Plus I knew I could just sneak downstairs every now and then and take a peak at him.
So I did everything you should do. I bought the book "The Night Before Preschool". We went backpack and folder shopping. We picked out a first day of school outfit. I made a pinterest worthy sign. I charged the camera....oh wait.
You guys, I loaned our camera out and totally forgot to get it back.
When did I realize this? At 9 PM the night before school started.
Parent fail #1.
Oh don't worry, I thought. We have the small Fuji camera as a backup. So I charged up the battery and the hubs assured me that he would take LOTS of pictures.
Until the next day when he realized the extra memory card was in the camera bag with our Nikkon.
 Yep, Parent Fail #2.
Thank God for iPhone cameras or our kids first day wouldn't even be documented.
At least we didn't forget the sign? I came up with this last week using PicMonkey and I was super happy with how it turned out.
Yep, you read that right. A Pirate. Not the Pittsburgh Baseball Player kind, the Arrgg kind.
That's my kid.

He was so excited to take his first day of school "chipper" (picture).
A friend covered my class so I could sneak down to see him at the end of the day. When I asked how his day was he told me  "Me cried, just a ittle bit." When I asked him why he cried he answered that he just needed a minute, cause everybody cries Mom.
Well, that's right little man. Cause as I walked up stairs after seeing him go in I too was a bit of a crying mess. In fact one student asked me if I was okay.  Luckily its a kid I've had before and when I told him why he just smiled and said I was crazy.
My kiddos really get me.

Looks like preschool was a success. Now to see if we can get him to go back again!
So tell me lovelies, am I the only one who cried on their kids first day of school?

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