Monday, October 6, 2014

This Year the Boy Wants Bugs...

This year the boy decided he wanted his party to be all about the bugs.  What can I say? Hes a typical boy, through and through. He kept calling it his big bugger birthday party. So before I reveal the actual event, I want to share with you my inspiration for the party.
First things first, I hit up Pinterest and came up with some ideas.

So bug food, bug cake, bug favors. I thought, I can do this.
After Pinterest I knew my next stop would be Etsy for the perfect invitations. Followed closely by a Google search for bug jars and nets on the cheap because the dollar store was already out of them and it was August.
In the past I have DIYed a lot of elements for Grayson's Parties (check out the Super Why Party and the Thomas Party from years past!) so I knew this year wouldn't be any different. I wanted to make the favors, food tags, and a lot of the elements myself. I usually start early planning these events and try to have most of the elements finished before I go back to work in the fall.

He also wanted a Gym Class birthday party, so I had to find a gym that would allow us to bring in food. Most places only allow cake and juice boxes, and I knew I couldn't sugar up a bunch of toddlers and then not feed them any real food. Plus, I like having food for the parents as well. Its kind of my peace offering for all of the junk food I will shove into their children for the two hours of the party.
Grayson was actually really specific about his cake.  His Godmother said she would order the cake from a bakery right by her work and she was nice enough to ask Grayson what he wanted. My only requirement was that it was covered in bright colorful bugs so it would be cute enough to actually want to eat. Grayson told his Ashey he wanted caterpillars, ants, spiders and ladybugs.  He was so adamant on what he wanted, it was really kind of cute.
The place we ordered food from last year had gone out of business, so we decided to make it easy and order some pizzas and a sandwhich ring. I also wanted to make peanut butter "butterfly" sandwiches for the kiddos who don't like pizza. I wanted bug juice, grape caterpillars, dirt and some type of bug cookies. 
So I had a plan, I just had to get it all to come together. Check back tomorrow to see if I pulled it off!

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