Thursday, October 2, 2014

K Family Hits the Beach!

Again we made our annual pilgrimage to the Outer Banks. There really is something magical about that place. Growing up spending my summers there with my Grandparents, Mom, Aunt, Uncle, cousins and neighbors just makes that little spit of land feel like a second home. A week there is never enough, especially when I feel like I can sense my Grandma as we walk along the shore.
Lucky for me, the hubs and kiddo love it as much as I do. We've even converted my in-laws to be Outer Banks lovers. So this year the three of us, my Momma and the in-laws holed up in a beautiful house on the sound.

While the front was nice, it had nothing on the view from the back.
This was the view from the couch.
Seriously? I never wanted to leave. Water as far as the eye can see and gorgeous sunsets. Yeah, forward my mail and I'll Skype in to teach the children.
We made much use of the water access, especially when the weather wasn't so hot. Yep, it rained the first three days we were there. Not hard rain, just drizzly rain and no lightning. That didn't stop us from playing in the Sound. 


Once the weather cleared up, it was all about the beach.

He used to fit in that wagon. Not so much anymore!

My favorite thing, reading a book on the beach. The Hubs makes fun of me, but I could seriously do this for hours.

That would be hubs, legs up in the air, surfing on some waves.

That moment when the two year old refuses to take his pjs off to put on swim trunks, but is happy as a clam to play on the beach in his jammies? You just go with it.

Of course there were lots of other fun moments.
Like our first bike ride.

That worked like a charm, apparently.

Or catching some crabs

Listening to some tunes with Pappy.

Checking out animals on Ocracoke Island

Eating some pizza for the first time like a big man.

Of course he found bugs. This Praying Mantis crawled onto his hand and didn't seem to want to leave. Mommy would not hold him.

Checking out the turtles at the lighthouse.

Hunting for seashells with Aiya.
Napping on the Ferry Ride.

Walking the village.

Momma, they have Tow Madder!!!

Popsicles on the dock were always a good idea.

What a view. Seriously, I want to live here forever.
Overall it was an amazing week. Of course it had its hiccups. Sitting in traffic for a few unnecessary hours, days on end of rain and toddler temper tantrums.  But in the end, we made great memories, got some sun, played till we dropped and I even read a few books.
Until next year, Cape Hatteras!

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