Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Summer Bucket List Progress

Well since summer is officially over, Id say its time to do a tally of how many things we got checked off of that list I posted in June.  I think its amazing how you make a list and say I can get all of this done, and then life hits and it doesn't always happen that way.
So here was the list
Overall, we didn't do too bad. Of the 26 items on this list we did 22 of them. We didn't get to a Pirate Game, Point State Park, Story time or to play in shave cream.  So we did get to 85% of the list. Overall not too terrible. 
The truth? We didn't go to a Pirate Game because I didn't want to pay for tickets when I didn't think Grayson would sit still. Point State Park is fun, but finding parking to go there can suck. While I would have loved to go to story time at the library we stayed home and had our own story time, which was just as fun. And as for the shave cream? Well, I just plan forgot. So theres that.
But we did get to do lots of the fun things on this list. I just hope that Grayson can look back on the things we did and say that we had an awesome summer together.
Playdates were a big thing this summer. We went to the park, carnivals, lunch dates, bounce houses- you name it we were down. Its such a fun time when your kiddo can start to interact with other kids, you really get to see their little personalities come out. After this fire truck experience Grayson has decided Uncle Mac has the COOLEST job and he wants to drive the truck too.
If you have a trampoline park like Skyzone and they have a toddler time, I highly recommend it. Skyzone has a great toddler time and that hour wears them out like nobodys business. As you can see, Grayson was a Wildman. His favorite part was the foam pit. Because lets face it, if you can bounce off of a trampoline and land in foam blocks it just must be done over and over again.
S'Mores take work, me eat marshmellows.

Family Camping Selfie- despite the bumps in the road I really did enjoy hanging out with these two. I just so wish it would have been in a Doubletree with a heated pool and room service.  
We hit splashpads, the water steps and the pool. My little fish loves the water for sure. But he isn't a fan of a splash pad that can spay him in the face. He prefers to be the one spraying you in the face with his squirtguns. The bubble foam pit was also super fun, even if he thought since he was up to his belly in bubbles he wouldn't have to take a bath that night.
Grayson liked the Aviary so much we actually bought a year long family membership. He now knows where every bird is located and what time he can see each type be fed. I wont even mention how two of the front desk workers know him by name. Its embarrassing how often we are there.
Taking a two year old mini golfing was one of the funniest moments of my life. When he got annoyed at trying to use the club he just gave up and started throwing his ball to the hole. Once he actually got a hole in one with a toss. That's pretty awesome if you ask me!
At the beach, we fished. And lovelies, I was GOOD at it. I caught four fishes, and had I known what I was doing I probably could have caught more.  But don't worry, each fish was returned to the bay because Lord knows I wouldn't eat them. 
Children's Museum was also a hit. If you ever get a chance to check it out, you must, but its also a must to bring a change of clothes. These two were soaked after playing on the water table floor.  
 It was a fun filled summer for sure, and I cant wait for the next one. Until then, you can find me trying to check things off of our Fall Bucket List!


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