Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Phone Dump!

I have so many fun pictures from summer and since I officially know how to get them off of my phone- here goes nothing!
Weddings make you put on grown up clothes!
(Dress is from Kiki La Rue!)

Buddies give hugs.

Looking identical to his big cousin. Who I may or may not have also carried in a laundry basket a time or two.

How everyone feels shopping at Wal Mart.

Fourth of July Fun

See, me still be little like David.

Pappy got him the GALLON sized purple slushie. PS- if they drink even a little bit of this, they will puke in purple too! He took about four sips.

Grayson, did you eat a doughnut? No Mommy, me ate LOTS of them!

That time Uncle Mac rappelled off of a building.

Still bedhogs.

When you're having a good hair day, you take a selfie.

We take awkward selfies like champs.

More proof. PS- that shirt is from 3rd grade. Still fits.  

Mommy can Pappy take me for a ride?
No kid. Just no.

Best friends take awkward selfies too!


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