Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Four Months Old

My Grayson Boy-

You are four months old today. Four months seems like such a short time, yet you have done so much in your short time here with us.  You constantly amaze me with the things you can do, and I'm so proud to watch you learn new things and grow up.

When Daddy and I put you in your crib to take your pictures this month, we realized that you touch both sides. You really are getting so big. At your four month well visit you weighed in at 15 pounds 10 ounces and were  25 inches long. You also had to get your shots, Daddy took you because Mommy can't bear to see you cry.  Grammy offered to go with Daddy, but once she learned that you needed shots she also refused to go.

This month you have learned so much and done so much its amazing to me.
  • Your first Christmas was super fun, and Santa spoiled you rotten.  Everyone agreed that you made this holiday extra special, and you were so curious as to what was going on around you.
  • You celebrated your first New Years, and none of us made it till Midnight.  I did manage to sneak into your room and smooch you around 2 AM. You were Mommy's first kiss of the New Year, don't tell Daddy he'll be jealous.

  • This year you were also here to celebrate Mommy's birthday out of the tummy.  On my last birthday we didn't know you were coming yet, and this year I had my wiggly giggly baby in my arms. It was the best birthday ever if you ask me.
  • You learned to jump like CRAZY in your jumparoo from Santa.  You could spend hours in that thing if we'd let you.
  • You found your hands and started chewing away. I think you're starting to get some teeth because not only are you chewing on every thing, but you're also a droolin fool.  Like you go through three to five bibs a day at Grammy's alone.
  • You spend tons of time staring at your puppy dogs. Kaos and Gizmo are your favorites in this house for sure, and they're pretty fond of you as well.
  • You have mastered rolling from belly to back, and you're sooo close to rolling from back to belly. You just cant figure out how to move your arm out of the way, but once you do you'll be rolling all over the place.
  • Its pretty easy to get you to laugh out loud, all we have to do is play Peek A Boo with you and you get the best case of the giggles.  Daddy and I can't help but laugh so hard when you giggle, and that usually makes you laugh harder.
  • You moved up to size two diapers and 3-6 month clothes, and I have to say you are one handsomely dressed dude.
  • You've started to reach for things you want, and have pretty good arm control. Today at Grammy's you saw a magnet on the fridge that you decided you wanted, and you just reached out and plucked it off.  Grammy said you were so proud of yourself you smiled and laughed, then you threw the magnet on the floor and reached for the next one. I think Pappy will be Grayson proofing the house soon, and he doesn't mind one bit. He really does love you.

    Well my favorite baby pickle, thats about all for now.  Thank you for choosing me to be your Mommy, it is the best present I could have ever asked for.  Daddy and I thought we had it all before you, but now we know that with you we really do have everything.
    Love you more than words my little man.

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