Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Holy Adult Stuff Batman.

Tonight we set up a 403b plan with a financial planner. We also picked out life insurance, did a cash flow analysis, made a financial plan and talked about creating living wills.

One question, lovelies,


Well, I mean, I guess when this guy came along...

..but still.

A little over a year ago we were eating junk food for dinner and would actually spend our extra money on ourselves. We didn't do laundry but once a week, and if we would rather go out than clean the house we did.

Tonight, I came home from work, ran the sweeper, moped the floors made a dinner of grilled chicken, baked sweet potatoes, corn and salad.  We ate dinner, I did dishes and a load of laundry and then we sat down with a lady in a power suit and talked about mutual funds and aggressive vs conservative investments.

I feel old and responsible.

So now that the baby is asleep I will put my feet up on the couch, eat a bowl of ice cream and watch American Idol.  Because a person can only take so much responsibility in a day.


  1. It's a weird feeling when you realize you've grown up isn't it? LOL

    I posted my answers to your Tagged questions! Check out my blog :)

  2. I hate that grown up feeling you get sometimes, same goes for the times when I just want my Mommy. Good for you guys though for dealing with the stuff that no one wants to think about such as a living will.

  3. I am not a fan of the grown up stuff! You deserve that ice cream and relaxation! Thanks for the follow, I am now following back and can't wait to read more.


  4. Just wanted to say hi, stopping by from Feed Me Friday Bloghop

  5. Ok I love this post. Right now I'm still in the we-do-what-we-want phase but working on moving up to the we-wake-up-with-babies phase. And I'm really hoping that my wifey skills will magically become amazing when that happens, even though I know it won't. But still... look at you all grown up :) Love your blog!! New follower :)

  6. This post made me laugh! I just found your blog by following some stuff from Pinterest and it was love at first sight! I just started my own blog yesterday, still very much in the baby stage, but loving it!

    My husband and I are in the midst of all those grown up discussions, including buying a house in the mix and I feel so old! Thanks for posting about it :) Makes me realise other people are in the same mix!

    Keep up the great work, loving your blog!

  7. Oh Bethany! This is still my question everyday?? Where did the days of sitting on the couches at DU go? Or worrying about our big O chem exam!! Now we are focused on financials and family stuff! Speaking of which we need to get together.


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